Social Media Club Needs Your Help

To all of you who have been involved with, touched, inspired or helped by Social Media Club  – please read this message because we need your help.  

Social Media Club was launched in 2006 with a global mission to advance digital media literacy, promote ethical behavior and build a community of like minded professionals to meet and learn from one another. Over the past six years, we launched over 350 Chapters, managed 50+ educational events and continue to work to connect professionals around the globe. 

Social Media Club has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, including hopefully, you. If you have attended our national or local events, learned something, met someone who impacted your life, secured a job/client, found the perfect employee or any and everything in-between, we respectfully ask for your help.  

Here’s how you can: 

BECOME A MEMBER! Join the Social Media Club as a paying member to drive immediate assistance to your national and local channel! You can pick your membership level at 

DONATE! We are launching a major fundraising drive to secure the funds we need to be continue to provide free and low cost social media educational events across the globe. Please donate whatever is personally significant to you for the value you have received from Social Media Club via or you may call us at 1.415.692.1002 between the hours of 8:30am – 6pm PST (Monday – Saturday) and we would be happy to process your credit card directly.  

SHARE YOUR CREATIVE SIDE! We need ideas for how we can spread the word and raise awareness for the mission and good works of Social Media Club. Email jessica @ to share your suggestions! 

SPREAD THE WORD! Know someone else who has benefited from Social Media Club? Forward this blog to them!

BLOG! As part of this fundraising, we will launch a campaign to capture the personal stories of the impact Social Media Club has had on you. Help us by writing a blog post or shooting a video sharing your personal story and link to our fundraising drive. If you would like to participate in this program, please tag your story with #mysmcstory and then email us at kristie @ so we can promote your story across our global networks.  

Our model has always been to empower people to launch local Chapters under the umbrella of the national Social Media Club. It was wildly successful. But this organic model of growth did not create a sustainable financial foundation needed to provide the support, programming and community development activities needed to keep the association and it’s Chapters functioning. 

We truly believe there is a bright future for Social Media Club. Your investment will help significantly in a few critical areas: expand our Chapters; further education by through more original content, market research reports; and new events both live and virtual. Your support will also go to hire our first ever Executive Director to lead Social Media Club into the future, and critical web site development support to create a more functional user experience..  

With very little, we have accomplished so much for so many people. 

If Social Media Club has been of any value to you, whether personally or professionally, please take the time to help us with this effort by sending a donation via today. And evangelize! Spread the word! We know the power of social media all too well – be a part of it.  

Thank you so very much for your support over the years. We look forward to many more.


Kristie Wells

President and Co-Founder