Social Media Clubhouse News (May 2011)



Social Media Masters is launching an 11 city tour, beginning in Minneapolis, MN (USA) on June 8, 2011. We’re offering one (half day) or two (full day) workshop(s) lead by our Social Media Masters, Angie Schottmuller, Rich Mahn, Barbara Rozgonyi and Jeff Achen.


Each Master will help attendees develop an advanced strategy around;

  • Social Media Monitoring 
  • Redefining PR – How to Construct a 3D Authority Platform by Taking your Message From the Media to the Masses
  • Building Community: Techniques, Technologies and Best Practices
  • Advanced Social Media Strategy: Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales


Attendees will receive in-depth instruction so they can apply these advanced tactics to their business imediately, register now


We will be visiting 10 other cities over the summer and we will be releasing more announcements on workshops and Masters over the coming weeks. 


Social Media Masters is being held in collaboration with Online Marketing Summit, who will be hosting two days of content and kindly extending Social Media Club members discounts for the package deal (all three days).  



Social Media Club has selected Curation Nation, by Steven Rosenbaum as our May Book Club title and look forward to the conversations around paid content vs. free content and how every one of us, is a curator. 


To supplement our May Book of the Month selection, Steven will be joining us for a complimentary webinar on Monday, May 23rd at 2pm EDT for a more in-depth discussion around the future of curation, please join us by registering here.  


We want to thank McGraw-Hill, who supported our Book Club initiative by sending copies of Curation Nation to our Professional members and chapters leaders last month, to review and share main takeaways with the rest of the SMC community.


One of our Book Club Member’s reviews of Curation Nation


“I think people from widely varying backgrounds could sink their teeth into this book.  Journalists who are skeptical of blogging might appreciate it because it shows how, the journalists, are primed to lead the digital revolution of the news industry. Their skill set is so needed yet pretty scarce in digital publishing.  This book could also serve as the perfect textbook for a college course in social media since it documents some history of the industry, discusses relevant case studies, and provides a really solid foundation of concepts, vocabulary, and practices in which all marketers will soon need to be well-versed.” 


via Alex Levine, SMC Professional Member


This complimentary webinar is open to all (Open/Pro/SMB/Corporate) members, on Monday, May 23rd at 2pm EDT — register here


As a reminder, we are inviting our Professional members to participate in our monthly Social Media Book Club, by reviewing one of our monthly titles.  You will have access to some of the most innovative content coming from industry thought leaders.  If you are a Professional member and are interested in joining the Social Media Book Club team, please email Jessica at socialmediaclub dot org




Social Media Club has been actively working on an initiative which brings social media literacy into higher ed classrooms, known as SMCEDU


We’ve recently introduced Hillary Till, Student Chapter Liaison, and recent graduate from Texas State San Marcos with a degree in Public Relations and Mass Communications.  Hillary – along with Yong Lee and the rest of our Advisory Board – will work to develop educational content that will be shared on our newly launched SMCEDU Blog, share lessons learned from each of the Student Chapters, set up guidelines to help Student Chapters launch (and grow), as well as highlight the Students/Faculty involved in each Student Chapter.  


Hillary is an excellent addition to our team (all three of us) and brings her hunger to help students leverage professional organizations, like Social Media Club, for future job searches and networking. 


If you are a student, faculty member or instructor and want to get involved with SMCEDU and bring social media education to the classroom, contact Hillary at socialmediaclub dot org for further details. 



Upcoming Events 


BlogWorld & New Media Expo East (New York City, NY) – May 24-26, 2011 marks the first East Coast event hosted by BlogWorld at the Javits Convention Center in NYC.  We’re working closely with our SMC New York and SMC New Jersey chapters to co-host a Podcast Pavilion in the New Media Expo to host live interviews from the conference, schedule to be published soon.


Social Media Masters (Minneapolis, MN) –  

Join our Social Media MastersAngie Schottmuller, Rich Mahn, Barbara Rozgonyi and Jeff Achen for half day and full day workshops giving advanced tactics in social media monitoring, building community, social media strategy and Spreading Media to the Masses, on June 8, 2011. Special 40% discount code available to Social Media Club Professional members. 



Editorial Team Highlights


Have you seen, Social Media and Celebrities, What Can We Learn? What about What’s Hot in Blogging: April 2011?


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