Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (10/5/11)



For those who have been following our monthly Social Media Book Club, we’ve explored some great titles in recent  months, with a focus on content development, how-to’s and social media best practices.  We’re excited to introduce our October Book Club selection, Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing by Neal Schaffer. 

This title is the first one featuring a deep dive into a specific platform.

Neal has written a must have reference manual for any sales or marketing professional, and provides a streamlined blue print of exactly how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and expand your network. He takes it one step further and explains how to optimize your business profile and ensure your employees are following suit. via Dave Wade, SMB Member

Thank you to our Professional members and chapter leaders who reviewed the title on our behalf, including; Caitlin MuirErno HanninkCraig Yaris and Mark Krupinski.

We are looking forward to continuing the conversation with a complimentary webinar for all SMC members on Thursday, October 27th at 2pm EDT with author, Neal Schaffer. Register here!


Verge Pipe Media, is a mobile app development and social media marketing agency based in Auburn, Alabama. Verge Pipe Media assists B2B, B2C and non-profits with community management, social media makeovers and developing “killer apps” to support their brand. VPM also enjoys designing, developing and hosting websites for sole proprietorships to multimillion dollar companies.




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