Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (11/16/11)


Over two years ago, we launched an initiative known as ‘Social Media Club for Education’ (SMCEDU) and have been working with a team of volunteers to connect social media professionals, students, educators and administrators in higher education organizations to facilitate world wide discussion of social media and higher education.

Earlier this year, we brought on a Board of Advisers who are responsible for supporting this initiative by creating social media resources such as best practices, codes of ethics, research, academic programs and curricula, that will be shared throughout our community and with universities and colleges worldwide.  

We’re also excited that our Social Media Club Student Chapters have expanded to more than a dozen  campuses, we hope to grow this community to more than 100 student chapters in 2012. 

Social media brings opportunities for better communication and expanded learning between administrators, students, faculty and parents and we are looking for your support on this initiative.  To learn more about Social Media for Education, join #SMEDU chat on Twitter every Wednesday, 12pm EST AND 9pm EST to meet others passionate about the higher ed space and discuss how to better integrate social media technologies into the classroom, school and our daily lives, along with impacts of tech trends in education space.

Weekly chats are hosted by Terry Eberhart and Dr. Thomas Ho and chat topics can be found at Social Media for Education blog, along with other EDU related blogs on best practices, case studies and news. 




With Thanksgiving just around the corner, what are you most thankful for? 

This Thursday and next, we are asking you to share just one thing you are thankful for on Twitter by using #ThTh hashtag.  Don’t have a Twitter account? That is ok, share your story on Facebook, on YouTube, in your blog or on LinkedIn.  Just be sure to use the hashtag #ThTh so we can track it. 

“Thankful Thursday (#ThTh) can be just as big as Follow Friday #FF, or it will be simple and small.  The number of people who join in is not what’s important, it’s the intention and energy behind the idea, and the power of each tweet to help change people’s day just a little bit towards a more positive outcome is what really matters. 

It all starts with a simple tweet, so please take a moment to think about what you are thankful for today and share it on Twitter using the hashtag #ThTh,” says Chris Heuer, Chairman and Co-Founder of Social Media Club. 

Look forward to your #ThTh tweets tomorrow and please share this with others. 


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With more than 300 chapters worldwide, there are cannot-miss events every week including, 


Social Media Club Conference 2011 is an initiative of Social Media Club Bahrain to deliver social media knowledge & insights to Entrepreneurs, Marketing, PR & Media professionals and Social Media enthusiasts in the region, by the Social Network Leaders from around the globe.

All SMC members are invited to register for free at

Check out our global events calendar to see some of the upcoming events nearest you.





Last week we introduced our October Book Club feature, The Future of Nonprofits by David Neff and Randall Moss. 

Join us on Tuesday, November 29th at 2pm EST as we host a deeper dive into how nonprofits can remain innovative in the digital age.  Both Randall and David will be joining the webinar and offering Q&A session so it’s a great opportunity! 

Register for the webinar here & please share with others.