Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (3/22/12)


Have you benefited personally or professionally from attending a Social Media Club event (Social Media Camps, Social Media Masters, Social Media Clubhouse, etc) or from participating in your local chapter?   

Have you learned something new, met a lifelong friend or secured or client or job by attending a Social Media Club (SMC) event? Share your story with us! 

As part of the fundraiser we launched in early March, we’re asking our members to share your SMC story with our global community by posting a blog or capturing a video of the positive impacts SMC has brought to you. Tag it with #mysmcstory on Twitter and we’ll share it with our community, and even feature it on our Clubhouse blog.  

Leaders and members from IndiaMalaysia, BostonHawaiiLos Angeles and our Co-Founder and Chairman Chris Heuer have shared some really moving stories on how they got started in Social Media Club and the impact this not-for-profit organization has made on their local communities.  

Starting this Friday, all members who have submitted a #mySMCStory to us via blog post or video will be put in a raffle to win an SMC Professional membership, a $100 value. We will host one giveaway each week through May 1st to encourage more members to share their #mysmcstory with us! So do it now!


Now that we’ve fully recovered from the Social Media Clubhouse in Austin, we’re excited to share the nearly 40 interviews we captured with professionals including, Natayna Anderson, Director of Social Media for Whole Foods Market, GroupMe Founders, Steven Martocci and Jared Hecht and John Oates, Director of Social Media for the Dr. Oz show and many, many more!   

You can find all our Social Media Clubhouse (#9) coverage from Austin at 

A big thanks to our SMCH9 sponsors IBM, Chevrolet, Monster Products and Verizon Wireless. 



Join our March Book Club feature Get Bold: Using Social Media to Create a New Type of Social Business by Sandy Carter, VP of Social Business & Collaboration Solutions Sales and Evangelism at IBM.

We are looking forward to hosting a complimentary webinar for all SMC members on Tuesday, March 27th at 2pm EST with author, Sandy Carter. Register here!

We extend all Professional members the opportunity to participate in a future Book Club review, email Jessica for details. 


We are pleased to announce our newestpartnership with North Social, a leading developer of Facebook applications for brand Timeline pages. 

Our flagship Facebook page is already powered by North Social and in the coming months, Social Media Club’s largest and most active chapters will roll out North Social applications on their Timeline pages as well as collaborate with North Social on education initiatives. 

Learn more about our partnership here