Social Media for Publicity & Advertising: The DON’Ts

Continuing from my last article in the SMC Clubhouse about basic do’s of social media for publicity & advertising, I am covering the DON’Ts in this article. Quoting from that article, every campaign on social media runs on a thriving force of pre-set objective, be it a final sale or the brand perception. Depending on that objective, a campaign so done in/through social media is being given the prima focus accordingly.

The use of social media for publicity & advertising is being highly anticipated and yet the mishandling part is being dreaded and treated with proper care by most of the professionals. Reason is simply the power of social media that demands a proper handling just like a nuclear power source. Whereas such a campaign can ignite fervor throughout/among the target audience, one can’t deny the instant rage streaking out of it due to the lack of a researched base, subsequent stimuli and proper care upon delivery. 

To avoid such a rage or any unfavorable consequences, a campaign (be it a publicity or advertising one) on/through social media must be drafted with due importance to the basic do’s and don’ts.  

The basic Don’ts are:

  1. Don’t bark up the wrong tree: Reflecting the basic requirement of a good research, a proper blueprint etc. one needs to stretch on the right direction first. Manifest the flow as per the norms of that specific niche the campaign is done on. For example – if you are laying bricks for a social media campaign for your flooring business, obviously you won’t strategize on the groceries concerned in a household. Ranging from the text copy to the images, all the media contents used in the campaign should meet the criteria of right composition and direction.
  2. Don’t be monotonic: Change is the immortal truth and a strategy cannot (and shouldn’t) go vague in the name of change in a long run. The possible changes and circumstances should be concerned up to the nearest predictable level beforehand. And in a case where the prediction is totally impossible, there should be a backup plan that can replace the earlier one at the time of change or on demand. 
  3. Don’t be super-unique: Being unique is good, but only up to the level where common people can understand it. Uniqueness beyond the level of common understanding is something equal to a hyper-theory in thermodynamics that the author of this post does not understand at all. And on real grounds, a social media campaign could never be planned to depict so. Keep it simple and sober up to the best possible mark.
  4. Don’t be superfluous: Eliminate the superfluous parts in the campaign to the least possible count. If the campaign promises something, it should be delivered accordingly. Remember, in such a campaign one can’t afford to dwindle across the superfluous items and at the same time can’t expect to miss the basics. It always should be in a properly balanced way which can create the required trust & interest level among the target masses. 
  5. Don’t forget the start: As we all know – first impression is the best impression, so the delivery of the strategy should be a properly weighted one. Its delivery and interaction should decipher the value part concerned. And it is possible only when a proper care is being given to the basic researches done and the blueprint made so far. 

Whether a social media strategy or campaign aims to attain the final sale or the brand image through publicity or advertising, these don’ts play an important role along with the do’s concerned. So, again, if you get it, share it.


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