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Social Media Lunch Meat 9/22

Last week, yours truly participated as a presenter at Jeff Pulver's #140 Characters Conference: The State of Now, in Boston on Tuesday, September 14th.

I spoke about an event Social Media Club Nashville helped organize, which brought together more than 30 volunteers for 24 hours to create a new website, logo and marketing strategy for an unknown non-profit in Nashville.

Although, people thought the Nashville community was inspiring, I felt the Conference provided equally inspiring speakers and I left with a little more fire in my belly to continue my personal goal of trying to introduce the Nashville design-a-thon idea to more SMC chapters across the globe.

I recently reviewed the #140 Characters Conference: State of Now on and wrote,

It's a great mixture of the people who are in the trenches of social media every day & they're not the popular kids or the ones with fancy books to back them up, no offense to those people.

After having attending so many social media conferences, I'm rarely compelled by the content speakers present but the #140 Conferences offer the stage to game changers and little known non-profits but all presenters share one thing, a passionate story.

I also appreciate that given the names and titles of attendees, conference organizers could easily charge an arm and leg for an event, however, students are always free and the price point of tickets is affordable.

It was refreshing to attend an event that challenged me mentally and emotionally, and I look forward to Jeff continuing the #140 Conferences as the "State of Now" is constantly changing.

Share more opinions of conferences you've attended, like the upcoming Blog World Expo, Le Web or thoughts on past SxSW Interactive Conference.  Although, those are among some of the largest, we know there are equally noteworthy events, so please share with us. 

We also look forward to adding Social Media University  as an event for the community to review, stay tuned in November. Social Media Events 

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