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Social Media Lunch Meat 9/30

We introduced the “Lunch Meat” blog just one month ago and in doing so, wanted to highlight the “Best Of” within the social media industry.

We particularly like Lunch because they follow a very similar mission to Social Media Club, being…

The "Lunch Way"


Sharing your real name, real photo, and connecting with your Facebook profile all help create a credible identity.

Your knowledge and tips help everyone in the community. Help us create a genuinely useful resource for relevant information and ideas.

Everyone deserves positive feedback. Be generous with comments and compliments! It helps encourage better, more thoughtful content.

Give one another the benefit of the doubt, even if you have a difference of opinion.

The more you give, the more you get. In your profile, tell us what you're interested in sharing and discovering.

No matter what you're passionate about or enthusiastic for, share it with the Lunch community so we can explore and discover new things!

We would love to see the Lunch community grow and become a source for more than just social media tools, i.e. Speakers and Conferences you’ve attended. Were they informative or a complete let down?  Is there one speaker who you love and had a compelling story? 

Sign up for and begin share your tips & "best of's" within social media!

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