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Our newly weekly feature couldn’t have hit at a better time, back-to-school, first day of September and just a few short weeks before Social Media Club kicks off the SMC Fall Tour 2010, with Chevrolet Cruze.

You may now look forward to a new Wednesday (to help get over the hump day blues) feature called Social Media Lunch Meat, ::round of applause of my oh-so-creative title::…ok, ok, our friends at Lunch are currently in BETA with their site that caters to different niche communities that allow members to rate and review the leading social media tools, training, influencers and services.

Each week, we’ll be combing Lunch’s social media community to bring our Clubhouse members some first hand reviews aka the Lunch Meat, and hopefully help you to discover new sites to make your social media life more engaging. 

Review of Google Reader by Angelo Dignacio has received 114 compliments, as of today because his very insightful and through review of its features and he goes further to give some suggestions on how to really be most effective with Reader's functionality.  The user based rating system scores Google Reader at a 3.9 out of a 5.  

I love Google Reader! I have no idea what I'd be able to do without it. It keeps me from visiting the same sites day after day, wondering which of them have new posts, updates and announcements. I've got everything in one place, kind of like an e-mail inbox, and I subscribe to my favorite blogs and sites and stay updated throughout the day.

I've used Google Reader for a while now, and I haven't been able to use anything else. I highly recommend it to anybody who browses lots of sites or has favorite blogs that they want to stay updated with whenever they log on. Here are a couple of Reader tips that I've thought of that have really helped me get and enjoy information from the source I love.

I particularly enjoyed Angelo’s #5 Google Reader Tip,

Explore always – I considered Google Reader my excuse to always explore the internet for new content. To not always have my browser posted on Mashable or CNN, and find the smaller guys who may be more entertaining or personal. Use Reader to find more content to follow, and don't worry so much about getting drowned in having so many subscriptions you can't keep up. Just consider it a tool that allows you to keep tabs on the internet's content, without exhausting yourself out by chasing it manually. Remember that if you ever get tired or overwhelmed, there is always an unsubscribe to every feed. Mashable and CNN will never go away, so expand your reading to elsewhere on the communities you're interested in. I personally like to often click the "More Like This" button that instantly gives you recommendations of feeds that are similar to any feed you want more of.

Information overload has caused me to glaze over the same RSS feeds I have had in my Google Reader account since the beginning. This tip has inspired me to really start using the functionality of the “More Like This” button that he suggests. Thanks Angelo!

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