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Social Media Masters on BlogTalk Radio Recap

Last week, we hosted our Social Media Masters workshop leaders on BlogTalk Radio, to set expectations for those attending Social Media Masters, February 12th in San Diego, CA.

The people we have chosen as our Masters, have hands on experience using the tools they will be offering full day deep dives on, including Twitter, Facebook, Social Media Monitoring and B2B: LinkedIn.

Each of the Masters has a working knowledge of, and each stresses the importance of matching your social media goals with your business objectives.  We encourage you to listen to the BlogTalk Radio interviews below and look forward to you joining us in San Diego, CA on February 12th. 


Murray Izenwasser provided us a taste of what attendees will capture from Social Media Masters and his Facebook workshop. Murray provided great insight on how brands are using Facebook effectively and why it's vital that brands go into Facebook with a strategy and not simply with the goal to get more "Likes" and fanpage followers. There's excellent measurements to support brand strategies within Facebook 

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Carri Bugbee is a social media marketing strategist, writer, PR pro and instructor at Portland State University. Her business, Big Deal PR, helps companies and organizations get ramped up in social media spaces, integrate those with traditional marketing channels and engage customers. Bugbee is also the founder and president of the Portland chapter of Social Media Club.

In the interview Carri points out that your follower count does not necessary equal influence, and the necessity for brands to make sure their Twitter strategy effectively matches their business objectives.

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Social Media Monitoring

Kelly Ripley Feller and Chuck Hemann will be leading the Monitoring session at Social Media Masters, and in the interview, established expectations on what attendees will be walking away with after their deep dive monitoring workshop. In the interview, Kelly points to how setting up effective keyword queries are important to better monitor your brand but even more so, establishing the right business objectives. Kelly and Chuck will show you how to most effectively use monitoring to meet your business objectives, and what makes the most sense for your business.

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B2B: LinkedIn

Chuck Hester is a published author of LinkingIn to Pay it Forward – Changing the Value Proposition in Social Media. He has over 25 years experience in public relations, marketing and branding and was previously a professor at Duke University and the University of Irvine, California.

Neal Schaffer is President of Windmills Marketing, a social media strategic consultancy in Orange County, California, and has led social media strategy creation and educational programs for a range of companies ranging from Fortune 500 to Web 2.0 startups. He is also an award-winning published author of “Windmill Networking: Maximizing LinkedIn,”

Both Masters have had and shared their successes using B2B marketing via LinkedIn, this made them top of our list on qualified workshop leaders for this full-day Social Media Masters event.

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