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#STOPASIANHATE – Social Media Club Denounces Anti-Asian Racism


Social Media Club is a multi-cultural organization and we value all of our members, including those of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. The latest anti-Asian tragedy in Atlanta has left many in our SMC community reeling, or feeling scared and traumatized. That’s not a world we wish to live in, so we can and we must all do our part to #STOPASIANHATE and ensure our colleagues and loved ones can feel safe and valued in our presence and in our communities.

SMC’s existing and ongoing commitment to amplifying diversity and inclusion has been modified to include language distinguishing our support for Asian and Pacific Islander individuals and communities. 

Our commitment:

  • Invite BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Asian and Pacific Islander individuals to join the board of leaders and membership of digital media professional organizations.
  • Support, recommend, and hire more BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Asian and Pacific Islander individuals in entry-level, mid-senior and C-suite social media positions.
  • Host and promote training, mentorship, and professional development programming, including keynote presentations and hands-on workshops by and for up-and-coming BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Asian and Pacific Islander leaders.
  • Support, recommend and share more creative voices from BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Asian and Pacific Islander people as industry thought leading experts, artists, consultants.

As a global organization, it can be tempting to use umbrella terms when speaking about groups of people based on geographic region or when referring to aspects of their identity. It becomes a challenge to find the right balance between nuance and brevity. 

As global citizens, terms and phrases that were once socially acceptable can suddenly no longer be acceptable or appropriate. As life happens, phrases can take on new meaning or context in the blink of an eye. Navigating the thin line between cancel culture and meaningful accountability is creating new challenges and risks for individuals and brands who don’t take the time to reflect and adapt. 

Addressing social injustices and working towards diversity and inclusion progress is often very complex and uncomfortable. Especially if you are not exposed to or aware that injustices are happening in the world around you. There is no easy or immediate solution, but we can and must continue working towards finding the answers. 

Words matter. Inclusion matters. When our members don’t feel included and empowered, our mission suffers. 

When important and difficult issues like this arise and you are wondering how best to approach them, we recommend following a very easy and simple framework. We use this framework in addressing all sorts of personal and professional challenges, but it’s especially applicable when addressing diversity and inclusion challenges.

No matter who you are, what title you have, and where you live, here’s a mindset and framework you can practice:

Step 1: LISTEN

Social media is a very powerful discovery and listening tool. You can find dialogue on just about any given subject matter at any given time. If you are insulated from certain conversations, you can seek out these topics easily. SMC will continue to listen to the concerns of our members. 

Step 2: LEARN

Actively seek out opportunities where you can learn how to improve. In addition to educating our leadership on important diversity and inclusion matters, SMC will continue to provide opportunities where you can learn how to be a better advocate, or learn how you can better support those who are impacted.

Step 3: SHARE

Don’t keep that lightbulb moment to yourself! If you learned something new, there’s a good chance your own networks would benefit from learning about it, too. If it helps one person better understand or see things differently, it was worth it. SMC will continue to share resources and ways you can learn and grow.

Adding specific language to represent the Asian and Pacific Islander community is only the latest evolution in our commitment toward amplifying diversity and inclusion. We will expand and update our commitment as necessary — especially when it directly impacts our members. Your input and suggestions are always welcome. If you know of resources that would be of value to our membership and greater community, we kindly ask you to please refer to Step 3. 

As stated within our mission“We exist to ensure that the world of social media does not become an echo chamber of self-reinforcing thoughts, but is instead fueled by diversity of opinion and perspective.” As a member of SMC, you have opportunities at your fingertips to learn more about people and communities from all over the world. This makes all of us better global citizens.


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Caroline Jones

Caroline Jones has been serving as the Executive Director of Social Media Club, Inc. since January 2019. She previously served as Co-Chair on the SMC Board of Directors from 2016 to 2018.