Survey: Employee & Brand Social Media Accounts, Do You Trust Them More or Less?

There’s been some conversation about trust related to employees of social brands engaging online and whether people trust those employees more or less. We’ve created a short anonymous survey to gather the insight of our community to better understand. 

Of course, we love knowing the name and face behind a brands Twitter and Facebook page but does the brand make themselves susceptible to losing value or fans if that employee moves on? 

For brands that allow employees to have personalized brand Twitter handles, i.e. @RichardatDell, What’s the expectation of content since it’s a mixture of personal and brand related tweets? 

To answer these questions, please complete our five question, anonymous survey to help us understand if people are more or less trusting of brands who allow employees to have personalized brand social media accounts. What want to know your thoughts! 


Please complete the survey here,