Thank you to our Social Media Club Editorial Team

One year ago this week, we launched our Social Media Club Editorial Team with more than thirty contributors from across the globe.  

Our Editorial Team features daily blogs under Social Media Clubhouse, to help educate the community using their varied skill sets.  Our team is made up of Entrepreneurs, Developers, Small Business Owners, an Attorney, Public Relations/Marketing Professionals, Journalists and Students.  We are proud to showcase their talents since we feel they truly reflect Social Media Club’s Global community, with bloggers from Sweden, India, France, United States, and the Netherlands.

We want to thank our contributors who have dedicated countless hours over the last year to share their knowledge with the SMC community.  We love the creativity and perspective you each bring to our team and are grateful for your participation! 

We hope our members have all benefited from their posts, if so be sure to follow all our writers on Twitter

Last month we received more than 60+ applications from professionals wanting to join the team and we’ll be introducing you to our new contributors over the coming weeks.


Meet our contributors and visit their profiles to check out some of the great posts they’ve shared over the last year,  

Chrissie Scelsi

Jackie Lampugnano

Amy Phillips

Nick Gundry

Francine Hardaway

Katy Bailey

Syed M Raza

Anders Sporring

Mireille Massue

Courtney Jeffries

Mike McClure

Larissa Fair

Susan Breidenbach

Vicki Flaugher

Anders Abrahamsson 

Peter Leech

Christine Cube