The Story of Social Media Club's Founding and Growth

Earlier this year, Social Media Club founders Chris Heuer (that's me) and Kristie Wells were invited to speak at Webcom Montreal 2010 and share their lessons learned in cultivating the global Social Media Club community. This video of the the presentation, which was called Community from the Heart is a great overview of our story so far. Besides this presentation Kristie and I did together, I also presented a speed keynote, introducing some concepts from the book I am writing, Serve the Market (the video will be forthcoming shortly).

Video Description, From Webcom, via Google Translate: Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells have developed a global community of social media professionals which has grown from a meeting of a dozen people in an office in Palo Alto in over 160 cities around the world. The Social Media Club has grown in importance, particularly with emphasis on fundamental values such as sharing, assisting others, learning and peer and emphasis on ethics. During the conference, Chris and Kristie will share the lessons they learned during the establishment of this global community and present their plans to propel this community to new heights. Based on the belief that what matters is the heart, they will demonstrate that quality almost always leads to an increase in the amount provided to ignore artificially imposed deadlines. It is as much a history of development of social media narrative of a global community that believes that "if you get something, share it." Chris and Kristie relations trials, tribulations and joys experienced in growing this community and, neglecting the control and trusting the fact that people will do the right things to a large extent .. Sharing the heart is the only route to personal and professional success, your community or serve a social cause focuses on the business. Learn from people who know, who have been in the heart of the action and acted.

The Slide Presentation we gave is below and if you are interested, some of the photos I shot of the old city and the conference can be found on Flickr.