This is “The Age of Leadership.™”

The first line in Katalina Groh’s just released educational video The Age of Leadership™ begins with “Everything around us is changing deeply and fundamentally not in one country, and not in one industry, the world is undergoing a complete deep and pervasive change, full of disruptions and uncertainty.”  

Like companies, organizations and institutions, change whatever form it takes is spreading throughout Africa and to the Middle EastThe top down command and control model is failing, transforming itself into a new landscape called The Age of Leadership ™ 

 Educational videos are a great way of attracting and engaging peoples attention, encouraging discussion and accessing higher order thinking skills. What I personally like about Groh’s educational videos is that in Katalina’s Groh’s own words the video’s focus on “Real People Real Stories.™”   

Well known in my field of corporate education, knowledge management and organizational development, co-authors of the book Storytelling: Passport to Success in the 21st Century” Katalina GrohJohn Seely Brown, Stephen Denning and Larry Prusak came together at the invitation of the Smithsonian Institution to discuss the topic of leadership and change resulting in the video “The Age of Leadership.

The key learning concepts offers suggestions and ideas on the question “What does it take to be a leader in a world of constant change?  Think one room school house, create context where everyone learns from everyone, learn the language of leadership,  become a master storyteller, and my favorite, subsume your Ego and surrender control, in other words, get over yourself.  

Quotes that Make You Think

Using the Social Media Club as a point of reference, given that is what connects us all, here are four of the many ideas and suggestions in this video that resonated with me.

“In the past 25 years more than half of the Global 1000 companies are gone.  It’s a familiar story talented people, great expertise, vast knowledge; with so much capital in their own people why did they fail to connect to their own best ideas?  … Katalina Groh 

How I’m thinking about it:  How do I navigate around the Social Media Club pulling the wisdom of the crowd, acknowledging and weaving their expertise into my articles?  How do I connect to some of the Social Media Club’s ‘best ideas?’ 

“Instead of mentoring new kids entering the firm, what about reverse mentoring focusing on the question “What can I learn from you?” …. John Seely Brown 

How I’m thinking about it:  How do I read the articles, watch the videos and share my insights with these questions in mind; what is one idea that resonates with me, what is one suggest that I could immediately apply to what I’m currently doing and what is one thing I could research, learn more, ask more questions about that would change the way I either see things or change the result of what I’m doing?

“Change doesn’t happen from charts, change happens with narrative with a story.  Stories have the capacity to get people interested and excited about the subject.”Stephen Denning 

How I’m thinking about it:  As part of the Social Media Clubs editorial team,  how do I make my articles clear, simple, write with feeling and authenticity and as Stephen Denning suggests “saying a whole lot less but communicating a whole lot more” 

“If I was talking to an organization that wanted to win, the way to do it is to subsume your ego, listen to other people, talk to other people, be responsive and understanding and reflect.”  … Larry Prusak

How I’m thinking about it:  The Social Media Clubs motto is “If you get it, share it.”  How can I connect with others, and be responsive to what people are sharing?  How are other people sharing and what can I learn from them?  

To preview “The Age of Leadership ™”  free of charge you need to fill in a simple registration form.  Note:  When you register a preview box opens up.  Don’t point your mouse outside the preview box or you will have to register again. 

Each time I watch the video, it reminds me of what Katalina Groh mentioned in the film “effective change can only happen when we actively share our knowledge.”    How are you using the Social Media Club in sharing your knowledge and how are people in the Social Media Club sharing theirs with you? 


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