Towards a Flow Society In Full – An Ode To The Past and Coming

Prelude (Andante): 


There it goes. 

Well, almost – I mean – 


And – Wow! 

What a year. 

Let’s make 2012 even better. 

Like that. Pow-wow. 

It has come to the time

Beyond the approx. 13.7 billion years BBB (Beyond Big Bang) 

To look back on the last twelve lunar orbits in 2011

To see what can be the first input

To the next earthly orbit 2012


Let the party begin!

Yes. Ok, so with that Prelude, I have thus attempted to invoke the spirit of a POW-WOW 🙂 ! The Gathering of the Elders. Let’s smoke Peace Pipe, will we 🙂 ? Sit Back, Relax, Breathe, Enjoy.


Before reading further: This article is soundtracked. On demand. The tunage chosen will get explained in a separate article in due time, that will serve as a crucial footnote to this one, in time. 

The vids chosen carries first degree relevance to the Core Message, you see. Just sayin’ ;).

Let’s Groove!


Pulling The Bullets From 2011, Shooting in the Light of 2012 – “What’s Next”?

Through the course of time, exactly one year ago up until now (as <a href="“>one of the original members of the Social Media Club Editorial Team) I have delivered <a href="“>essay-isque contributions in the number of 11, this making it number 12. 

(Sidenote: The only monthly, from December 2010 and onwards, I did not deliver was the October 2011 that I missed since the Local and National SMC Processes swallowed it – more on that later…)

The publishing route have been dominated by two main themes / core concepts / ideas#FlowSociety and #Digipart

And in between – some independent single issues, but still very inter-related musings in the vibrating field in between these complimentary concepts, such as Community, Social Business, and introducing the vision of #OPPP – One Pad Per Person.

When diving in that systematic Ride of the Wave of trying to comprehend the ‘meaning’ of the first tag – #FlowSociety – departing from the intuitive-sounding one-liner “From Structure Society to Flow Society”, little did I know that it would end up in an initiative that will be introduced through today’s posting – a place fostering collaborative understanding of the very same concept.

I began the year with another ‘systemagic’ series of postings in the name of the second tag – #DigiPart – the collective Ephos delivered with as much Ethos, Pathos and Logos as possible, following the outcried Call for Action – for “Global Digital Participation”. 

With an intermediate conclusion: Global Digital Participation is An Absolute Prerequisite For a Fully Inclusive Flow Society.

Yes, In retrospect, I now see the reverse order, making sense, with the last put first, and first put last. 

For a full-blown Flow Society to absolutely emerge, we need to have full inclusion and participation, all dimensions, analogue of course to begin with.

But not to say the least, digital! It’s all a matter of common sense (together with sensibility and spirituality?) – getting Back to Basics, in fact. 

The Flow Society has almost always been (t)here more or less.

We just need to rediscover it.


The Skewed Trichotomy of Money, Products and Services – And What’s In It For The Peoples?

When I embarked on the Path of Excess of embracing the Flow Society Write-Ups, I began with a metaphor related to “communication” – comparing the Old and New Media Landscape with water: ”Channeling the Communication” (and thus, to the greater part in vane, in attempt, by man, to try to control) vs “the Hydrosphere” – meaning, the Total Communication Flow (almost uncontrollable and mostly self-organized.)

Pantha Rei – You Cannot Step Into the Same River Twice.

I had an original idea to divide sub-themes beyond the introduction, one article a piece, following the outline inspired by the Four Freedoms of the European Union – the “free move of people, capital, goods and services”. 

That attempt to conceptualize next level took a halt beyond that “People” theme – Which introduced The Flow Workers and #FlowWorking as concepts ready to embrace a phenomenon already established, to enforce it – where ‘The Office’ is a ”Mind, Emotion and Spirit Set”, physically wherever, not a ”Place To Be.”. Keep Flowing, Wherever Best, or Good Enough.

I landed in a temporary conclusion summarized by the feeling that an ‘economy’ focusing value-creation will see the line of concepts Money, Goods/Products, Services – and Experiences, Events, On, and On, and On – blur and eventually in the end vaporize into “All Things Trade and Transfer”. Thus, rather talking about #FlowTrade to capture it all, and be more speci
fic and granular in the details according to context and situation. Once again – emphasizing TEMPORARY conclusion, where I especially feel a need to clarify further and beyond in relation of the ”Trade”, where the trend moves towards more immaterial than material. 

As said, in a “froze-dried wisdom” I recycle: A conclusion is a place where you stop to think. 

Fair enough if you act upon it, but landing in a fixed conclusion and neither think along and beyond, nor making and doing something and about the ideas – doing good, doing great – will just make   evolution stop. Yours and all peers, and ultimately the humanity. 

Continue to create value, in focus, not success. 

In short: Keep up the Flow!

[youtube]Interlude (Adagio): The Flow of Ideas – A Humble Throughput And Creditation For My First Year of #SMCEdTeam

Behold! The Multi-Billion Eye of the People of Breathing Gaia! We respond! We hear! We see! We feel! We Are Family! There is that Buena Vista Social Club, There is that Dance Hall Club, there is that Club of Clubs, Ace of Aces, Heart of Hearts, shuffeling the Deck of Cards.

And there is a Club, Socially Mediated. I thank all living and formerly living mediums bringing me the mesages! Yay! To be con’t. Standing on the Shoulders of The Giant Called the Global Community. 

Poetry In Motion. 

Never miss a beat, a chord, a riff, a tune, a tunage. Silence Must Be Heard. So you can attract the Enigmatic, Epic, Magic – and transcend them into Doable, Understandable, Explainable and Amazeable Concepts. 


(…with THAT Poetry Slam – Wham Bam Thank U Ma’am, saying:
Thank YOU Social Media Club – and the Editorial Team, extended – for a First Year!)

The Distraction, Disturbance, Distortion, Disruption and Destruction of ‘The Flows’ – or “Sex, Lies and Videotapes”?

Now, a semi-analytical Rant about all those who try to stop the Rave. 

I will not spend much words, energy and attention on this one, it will only feed the Dark Side of the Force too much. 

But there are those out there, by description being heard ”as grumbles from the future graves of the Structure Society”. I do not put any value-statement to it here in this article in order not to loose my main points of my curation and summary of 2011, but if you think the 2-page .DOC “SOPA for Dummies” (Google It) tells a story that there are “Idiots” in the “Governance”, just spread the word for a Good Dialogue (and maybe identifying the 2011 versions of the Enemies of the Open Society, to echo Karl Popper).

I just say: The Video/Music Illustrations – hereafter tagged the #ArticleSoundtrack – tells a parallell story “if you get it”, brother/sister Detective ;)! They hold some clues I will be explicit with onwards – e. g. in relation to the topic of Creativity, and its consequences for Culture and Development as a whole – and that on my own blog.

[youtube]Applied Initiative #1 – 2012 – Ideas: Fostering a Collaborative Understanding of The Flow Society – #WIIFM / #WIIFU / #WIIFW? – Introducing 🙂

OK, so we had some articles pushed through my part of the collaborative “Edit Flow” and the “Editorial Calendar” of #SMCEdTeam of the Year, we got that all ready. ‘Nuff said. Let’s talk business. Or rather, let’s talk community!

Next step is to collate all my #SMCEdTeam articles, from all the year, curate the core content, and create a CC-BY-SA licensed new format of publication I have had in the lab for some years. Now ready to fly, with the format, content and message in Harmony. 

The ‘eBooklet’ in the core, in virtual format as well as physical, easily transformed for transfer in various contexts analogue and digital, with various purposes, functions and uses. Introducing: An Idea Worth Spreading. First step, first incarnation, is the Blog-to-Page Engine now findable on – aptly named ”Understanding Flow Society”.

#WIIFM – “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME”? Profound Understanding for a World in Change, fostering something that can be easily Explained and Understood. For all. But it takes the complex round to land in the simple said-and-done / doing-it-all-the-time-and-everywhere, methinks. Thus, my call for help. With a little help from my friends, named and not yet named. 

We need to think, act and compare together. So – the “we” is the thing in it for “me”. Community First! 

Let’s TALK business!

#WIIFU – “WHAT’S IN IT FOR US”? Now I stretch out to our “US” – the Team I already Know and Trust. My direct first-degree relations, the Strong and Weak Ties and Connections out there. Do you hear my calling? Are you in one of my Circles of Trust? The Web in the Loop aims in the ultimate end, to make an on-topic oriented version, capturing the spirit and main principles of both Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia, Wikiversity, Wiktionary – beginning with a Wikibook… that eBooklet compiled together to begin with as a conversation/community building platform :). 

Not-for-profit-purpose. For-prosperity. But still.

Let’s DO business! 

#WIIFW – “WHAT’S IN IT FOR WE”? Peace! Intended. Or shall I say PEACE, Goddammit! Inner, and Outer. People understanding the Serenity Prayer, regardless of Belief System – Atheists as well – heavily included in a C-O-E-X-I-S-T think-and-act. For the Inner Peace, that is. Where I think it begins – to reach ”Outer Peace”. 

Let’s HAVE this business – for CHANGE!

I will return-on-topic here in my first 2012 January #SMCEdTeam contribution. Just sayin’.

Serenity Calling – the Serenity Prayer Remixed



With Messages Delivered by Moses, Jesus or Muhammed?


The Message of Buddha?

Whoever of the Trinity – Brahma? Vishnu? Shiva?

The Message of Tao as delivered by Lao Tzu?

The Message of Confucius?

The Positive Powers?

The Spiritual World?

My Mental Powers?

The Force?

My Family, My Friends, My Closest, My Dearest?

The Universal Force of Love?

Mass/Energy in an Optimal Combination?

The Life Support Systems All Dimensions?

Yes, Something? Someone? Some? Any?

[Now – the wikification – add your own Symbol here]

Do You Hear My Calling? 

I just ask –

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference. 


On a l
ast note here in this context, just saying – I will truly give <a href="