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Trendy 10 with Social Media

Want a renewal? Just came in? Super addict?

Get in the know with these 10 trendy news updates in social media.

  • The long tail for platforms: after GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon) began, a lot of thrilling new ventures started building members, contents and conversation. Between, with or against brands, increasing the digital. Look at Ello, Mindie, Snapchat, Pinterest or Instagram and their long but strong development as “side apps”. Look at the actual valuation of these “second choices” to see how quickly they grew.
  • Mobile: we are mobile, you are mobile, companies have become mobile and data stands for mobile behaviour. Everything might be lead on the mobile landscape right now.  Bandwidth, power, apps and the whole ecosystem gets ready for the next big picture. We already know it’s the future for Africa and India, where any single mobile device will change the world for any citizen.
  • Targeting: the BigBrotherization of the economy may be in fear of progress, but it leads obviously to bulk reaction. The fair promise for a better service, improving realtime knowledge of any people is concrete. But the downside of the subject may be the shadow of controlling any citizen, through datas, digital profiles and electronic behaviour. Wondering who’s the target? If you’re not at ease being in the center, plug off and stay away from the wire.
  • Social “+”: social means share, give (and receive), common and collective work and better welfare between humanity. Not really sure the social native guys take it that way, but the social shapes another dimension: money. No way for social free platforms, if one want monetization. This probably means boring soap timelines with invading ads, targeting ads, retargeting ads and so on. I never understood the social progress like that. But stocks did and they made me despaired.
  • Video: seems mobile is in the same rhythm as video. Even the “ads fever” that has created a huge ecosystem to increase presence and pressure around viewers.  Far from time where we escaped to traditional television advertising shows, video is the new gameplay for brands, products of any shape of ad spot. Where is the next (real) rest place where we can view content, trustfully, concentrated on strong ideas?
  • Marketing: to be or not to be in the market? That may be an existential question for now. Missing the train means never existing. Marketing is a crossroad between offer and demand and it that gets complicated.  The fact is that, where any agent is on both sides, he or she can now create a  multicultural and transversal slew of conversations. The market is noisy, and has always been. The goal is to lead the conversation to the value.  Markets are now conversations.
  • Big Data: speed of time needs more data all the time and at the same time, control of this data must be increased to rise relevance and trust. Open data transfers power from states and public companies to people and collaborative platforms. Big data means big opportunities to understand and shape more quickly, our future. The addition of any “0” or “1” in digital bits, may be far from the single sum.
  • The LinchPin effect: 6 degrees of separation shapes the whole network. Wherever you are in the network, you can play the role of “linchpin”, receive and give, transmit and put in relation, any part, person or project. You may one day play a role to help, transmit and witness great things with the experience you hold.
  • Privacy: the realtime openness of data (see below) leads us to mistrust and strange experience. Stolen profiles, data, secrets, at any level, states (remember “leaks”), companies (patents, industrial secrecy…), people (robbery and hacking) and the always wired world we’re now living in.  It’s a world full of traps and you’d better avoid them.  There are some strong spy wares that are more dangerous than any weapon. These “electronic” weapons go through walls, keeping transparency on businesses and can bring danger to many lives. Save it, stay aware of general agreements and be sure “your privacy depends only on your ability to care and check. Don’t give into the mass, the easy or the ego window and preserve your hideout!
  • Tools for posts: behind platforms, tools, and APIs, there lives content. Content everywhere, the only thing valuable, sustainable and true. Even when brands do content marketing, they improve their footprint and yes, notoriety. Posts stand as “proofs.” Content makes things happen with storytelling, running stories, tales, fictions, experiences and reports. What we post will stay beyond “tools”. Some will say “medium is message” (McLuhan did).  We must stick to the sheer content to overcome fashion and bubbles.