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“What’s the best way to give Twitter account access to the rest of my team?”

If you have a team of people working with a single Twitter account you have definitely asked yourself this question before. With most of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, you have the luxury of adding multiple page admins as well as the ability to manage their permission level within a page. Unfortunately with Twitter, the only solution up to this point has been to give everyone the password to the account. Since we all know having a secure password and keeping it safe is Internet Basics 101, most companies or brands have cringed at this option; but they haven’t had any other choice until now.

On February 17th, Twitter announced that they are rolling out a new feature for their dashboard style management application, TweetDeck. They have dubbed this new feature ‘TweetDeck Teams’ and it gives you the ability to add multiple managers to a given Twitter account without having to hand out the password.


What are the big problems that TweetDeck Teams solves?

1. Security- When passwords are floating around there is always a chance someone could get a hold of it that shouldn’t have it. Whether it’s someone outside of the company or a disgruntled employee, being able to keep your password secure prevents any unwanted activity or the nightmare of a hacked account. If you’re currently sharing your password with your team members, it would be best to change the account password before setting up TweetDeck Teams.

2. Control- Logging into a Twitter account with the username and password allows for full access to all of the account settings and details. This means anyone that has these credentials could change the account password, security settings, or even deactivate your account. TweetDeck Teams allows you to assign roles for anyone you give access to. No matter what role you give your users, they still need the account password to make any significant changes to the Twitter account.

3. Ease of use- Being able to add and remove account managers with the click of a button means not having to change the account password every time someone leaves your team or the company. Simply remove the user from the account.


What permissions can be given to account manager?

There are two different roles that can be assigned to an account Admin and Contributor.

Both of these roles allow users to:

  • Tweet and schedule tweets
  • Follow and Unfollow users
  • Retweet, favorite, and reply to tweets
  • Build Twitter Lists

The difference between an Admin and a Contributor is that the Admin has the ability to see everyone that has access to the account through TweetDeck Teams and has the ability to add or remove team members.


How do I set up TweetDeck Teams?

Setting up this awesome new feature on TweetDeck is very easy. If you have tried TweetDeck in the past, make sure you log in with your Twitter credentials instead of your old TweetDeck account.

  • Log in to TweetDeck with your Twitter credentials
  • On the navigation bar on the left side, select accounts
  • If you manage multiple accounts under this login, select the account you want to add
  • team members to
  • You will have to add team members by putting in the Twitter handle they are using to
  • log into TweetDeck, then set their role
  • Your team member will get an email notifying them they have been added

You can try out TweetDeck for yourself. TweetDeck Teams is currently rolling out for the web, Windows, and Chrome. You can download the app for Mac, but oddly enough TweetDeck Teams will not be available for use on the