60 Twitter Acronyms to Know

Whether you agree or not, we all love to type ‘LOL‘ than ‘Laughing Out Loud‘ to save space, time and effort. As an active user of many micro blogging websites, I also like to use abbreviations in my messages. Many abbreviations are commonly used across all micro blogging websites but some are specific to Twitter. There are around 100 million daily active Twitter users who share their views in 140 characters or less. This leads to invention of new acronyms and abbreviations each day.

While discussing with people, I usually hear them saying, ‘I have an account on Twitter but I don’t use it.‘  or  ‘I am unable to understand Twitter at all‘. I don’t blame them because they have to decode so many words to understand a tweet. To help social media users, I have compiled a list of 60 lingos, slangs, acronyms, and abbreviations that are used on Twitter and other micro blogging websites.

Twitter Acronyms and Abbreviations
Twitter Acronyms and Abbreviations

1. PRT – Partial Tweet (used when you only share a part of the original tweet)

2. V2V – Voice To Voice (asking a person to discuss something over a phone call)

3. ICYMI – In Case You Missed It

4. AFAIK – As Far As I Know

5. IOWIn Other Words

6. TT – Translated Tweet (used when you translate and share a tweet that was originally written in a foreign language)

7. SMH – Shaking My Head (used when you don’t agree with something or if it disgusts you)

8. SMDH – Shaking My Damn Head (a stronger version of the above acronym)

9. TQRT – Thanks For Retweet

10. TMI – Too Much Information

11. TL;DR – Too Long; Didn’t Read (used while sharing an article, news or long text)

12. TL – Timeline (while giving reference to your Twitter timeline)

13. CHKCheck

14. TIA – Thanks In Advance

15. TFTF – Thanks For The Follow

16. W8 – Wait

17. TMB – Tweet Me Back

18. W/ – With

19. TBH – To Be Honest (generally used while giving a statement or your opinion on a specific topic)

20. STFU – Shut The F*k Up

21. SNAFU – Situation Normal All F*ked Up

22. RTFM – Read The F*ing Manual

23. RTF – Read The FAQ (can also refer to “Rich Text File”)

24. TTYL – Talk To You Later

25. TTYS – Talk To You Soon

26. ROFLRolling On Floor Laughing

27. OMG – Oh My God

28. OH – Overheard (used to quote something funny that you overheard.)

29. MT – Modified Tweet (used when user manually retweet a message with modifications)

30. TIL Today I Learned (sharing the topic that you learnt today)

31. LOL – Laughing Out Loud

32. LMAO Laughing My Ass Off

33. LMK – Let Me Know

34. L8 – Late

35. J/K – Just Kidding

36. FYK – For Your Knowledge

37. IMO – In My Opinion

38. HTH – Hope That Helps

39. HT or h/t – Hat Tip (used to acknowledge the user who originally shared the message. It replaces “via” and also saves one character.)

40. GR8 – Great

41. GFF – Get Fast Followers (sites or twitter accounts that promise to get you more followers. They are generally spam and are not advisable to use or follow. )

42. ASAP – As Soon As Possible

43. FTW – For The Win

44. FTL – For The Loss

45. FTF – Face To Face

46. #FF – Follow Friday hashtag (user suggestions regarding whom to follow on Fridays

47. FWD – Forward

48. DM – Direct Message

49. CX – Correction (used to correct your previous message)

50. b/cBecause (some people also use bcoz)

51. CC – Carbon Copy (used in a tweet when you want to share it with more users)

52. BTW – By The Way

53. B4Before

54. MMMusic Monday

55. BFNBye For Now

56. IDK – I Don’t Know

57. JLT – Just Like That

58. EMA – Email Address

59. IRL – In Real Life (used when you refer to a situation of real life)

60. RLRT – Real Life Retweet (used to quote something a person said in Real Life)

I am sure that this is not a comprehensive list and would appreciate if you can share more such acronyms and abbreviations with their meanings in the comments below.

Please share this article and follow me at @theKunalMathur. I will end this article by saying,TIL about Twitter abbreviations. HTH you as well. BFN! 🙂

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