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Welcome Newest Additions to Social Media Club Editorial Team

In December of 2010, we launched our first ever Social Media Club Editorial Team.  This was a small milestone for us, as we had never previously had a solid group of contributors to help share knowledge and resources with our SMC community. 

Over the last year, we’ve learned what our readers love and where their struggles are, which is why we’ve selected some excellent professionals as the newest additions of our editorial team.  

These ten new contributors have great professional experience that really helps round out the content provided each day on Social Media Clubhouse blog including a few with backgrounds in SEO, small business, higher ed and content strategy. 

Please help us welcome our newest contributors, 

Courtney Seiter

Community Manager at Raven Internet Marketing Tools. Pop culture addict. Amateur gardener. Nerdy reader. Send her cute animal photos and she’ll be your BFF.

Connect with Courtney on Twitter: @RavenCourts

Janice Arnoldi

Janice is a partner in Arnoldi McPherson Social Media Strategy in the Niagara region of Ontario.  I have worked as a broadcast journalist, in media relations, and have been a partner in a website design firm for the past 12 years.  

Connect with Janice on Twitter: @JaniceArnoldi

Laurent Blondeau

Social Media Citizen and Business Development Professional, blogs about innovation, social business, management, strategy and all collaborative initiatives. From France, social networker, connect with him on his blog.

Connect with Laurent on Twitter: @Evidencesx

Alex De Carvalho

Based in Miami, Florida, Alex advises on social media related projects and builds social networks from business planning to launch. Alex is currently developing VoxMed, a worldwide online community for physicians. He is the co-founder of StartPR, an online tracking service for reputation management, blogger relations, and brand monitoring. He is also an adjunct professor teaching social media at the University of Miami, School of Communications, and at Miami-Dade College. 

Connect with Alex on Twitter: @Alexdc

Vickie Bates

Vickie is an award-winning writer of innovative content for social media and traditional platforms. 

Connect with Vickie on Twitter: @NoBadLanguage

Steven Groves

Steven is co-author of widely selling, “ROI of Social Media” and founder of Social Marketing Conversations. He’s researched, seen, worked on projects all around the world, and has uncovered expert tactics around social media effectiveness and proving marketing ROI. 

Connect with Steven on Twitter: @StevenGroves

Pam Sahota

Pam is a Content Strategist at Digitas. MBA Grad. Freelance Blogger. SoMe Geek. Lover of Boston, photography, charity events, Fashion, Wine & the Red Sox. Connect with Pam on her blog

Connect with Pam on Twitter: @pamsahota

Yola Blake

Yola’s professional experience with social media began in 2009 as a community manager and the editorial team lead for a federally funded research project in Austin, Texas. Prior to this opportunity she used social media as a leadership tool to facilitate communication and participation in a University of Texas at Austin club and a grassroots campaign.
Her current role at Get Page One encompasses a wide variety of responsibilities including full-service community management, developing social media strategies and campaigns, providing social media consulting, industry event planning, editing all SEO optimized blog posts and on-page copy, and writing for our company blog.

Connect with Yola on Twitter: @yolunia

Catilin Muir

Caitlin is a writer. A featured book reviewer. A single’s columnist. A blogger. She has dreams of getting her novels published. By day, she’s a PR Manager who dabbles quite a bit in Social Media.

Connect with Caitlin on Twitter: @scribblinghappy

Nicholas Dragon 

Nicholas is an experienced and highly resourceful communication professional skilled in seamlessly integrating social media and web tactics into existing marketing and public relations plans and strategies. Possesses a persistent track record of creating and implementing successful enterprise level and targeted social media programs to improve brand sentiment, drive website traffic, and develop meaningful and durable relationsh
ips with key stakeholders, clients and customers.

Connect with Nicholas on Twitter: @nicholasdragon

Be sure to follow our newest contributors and the rest of our editorial team via our Twitter list, SMC Editorial Team.