What a Wonderful World to Learn, Share and Connect


As we move forward into 2011, think of the number of opportunities being a member of the Social Media Club affords you.  

Most people join a community 

 to feel a sense of belonging, 

to be a part of something bigger than ourselves


Forrester Research

 Studying the level of engagement and participation in social communities, Forrester Research describes its finding in a graphic titled The Social Technographics Ladder.  Most people, the research suggests, are categorized as inactives, spectators, joiners, collectors, critics with creators producing and providing approximately 99% of the  content and activities everyone else shares in.  

“Counterfactually Thinking”

  A new study from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and the Hass School of Business at the University of California explored how when reflecting “counterfactually thinking” on an institution’s origins, by asking “What IF…”  an institution didn’t exist can influence action and commitment.   It has been estimated that up to 40% of people working are looking for another company to work for.  Kellogg’s findings suggest that when employees visualized an alternative life where the company they worked for didn’t exist, and how would their lives be different employees had a change of attitude, increased energy and commitment.  

What if …

We all join communities with good intentions, and then our lives take over, the excuses start and most of us become part of the membership number.  We take for granted what is available and rarely think about the consequences in lost opportunities.  Although the Kellogg’s study focused on companies, think about the communities you belong to starting with the Social Media Club.   

From I can’t to I can

 Most people look at ‘what ifs’ with regrets but what if we looked at it as an exercise to create a world to learn, share and connect?    Think about your reasons for not participating and see how by asking what if you may find ways to contribute.   Here are some examples:  

  • The Social Media Club will always be aroun

Look at the home page, the activities, the conversations, and then ask yourself, “What if the Social Media Club didn’t exist?”   

  • I don’t have time

What if I took 10 minutes every day, once a week to read an article, contribute a resource, send aretweet, or offer a comment?

  • I don’t know anyone

What if I initiated contact with someone I heard at conference, listened to on Blog Talk Radio or write about a subject I’m interested in?

  • The articles I’m interested are unavailable.

What if I upgraded my membership?

  • I don’t know anything about social media

 What if I took a look at the member resource tab to see what people are sharing      


Be the Change

Communities don’t exist in a vacuum; they need people like you and me to make things happen.  Two quotes  often written when discussing the topic of change are from Anita Roddick and Mohandas Gandhi  

  •  If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room. Anita Roddick 

Everything that happens in your life, the experiences you feel, the knowledge you gain, the skills you acquire, the people you meet, the success you achieve begin with a decision; so ask yourself this:  

What if you chose to contribute in the Social Media Club?”  You may find when looking back on 2011,  the Social Media Club became a wonderful world to learn, share and connect; all because you asked “What if…”