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What Happened to Facebook Questions?

Do you remember approximately six months ago when Facebook Questions were all the rage?  If your News Feed looked anything like mine, it was cluttered with random poll answers from random Facebook friends.  Today, it seems that these poll questions have simply disappeared.  

Surveys and polls can be an excellent tool for gaining insight and interacting with your fans, why exactly did this feature lose popularity so quickly?  

After careful consideration, I have come up with the top three reasons why Facebook polls have been unofficially discontinued.

  • Information Overload

I’m not talking about brands learning too much about their fans; I’m talking about us learning too much about our friends.  I’m sorry Rupert*, but I don’t consider how many Disney movies you have seen in your lifetime to be “Top News.”  I’m sure it’s not just me who had a friend who answered every poll question under the sun.  In my opinion, the short era of Facebook Questions was extremely annoying.  

*Name has been changed to protect identity

  • No Rhyme or Reason

Once brands and companies saw everyone else using the popular application, they wanted to use it too.  They didn’t have a plan nor did they have a strategy.  They weren’t asking questions to learn more about their fans, they were asking questions just to ask questions.    

  • Putting Your Eggs All in One Basket

We all need to remember what made Facebook so successful in the first place: the ability to easily connect with friends.  People do not check their Facebook accounts several times a day to learn about what’s new with their favorite companies, they check it several times a day to see what their friends are doing.  If companies want to keep their fans interactive, they need to get creative with their content and that does not mean coming up with a new daily poll.     

There is no denying that surveys are a great way to learn more about your clients and customers, but we have to remember social media marketing is much different than traditional marketing.  Meaning social media surveys differ from traditional surveys.  Please stay tuned next month to learn how to create successful social media surveys.