What New Twitter Design Means for Developers and Marketers

Last week Twitter introduced a new design which is available now on mobile devices and slated to be relased over the coming weeks on the Twitter.com. This simplified design makes it easier than ever to follow conversations, connect with others and helps users explore new topics. 

The four new tabs. “Home” “Connect” “Discover” “Me” bring a much cleaner design to Twitter’s navigation, ultiimately helping users discover related hashtags based on their conversations.

This new design is available now on mobile.twitter.com, Twitter for iPhone, and Twitter for Android. Go check it out here.

What new Twitter design means for developers

This new Twitter design will allow better sharing through embedding tweets in your website and Tweet buttons.

Embeddable Tweets, a new way to add any Tweet to your website just by copying and pasting a line of code.  WordPress and Posterous bloggers can embed Tweets directly into posts by simply copying the Tweet URL or using a familiar shortcode. Once published, WordPress instantly turns that URL or shortcode into an embedded Tweet. WordPress.com and WordPress VIP blogs have this functionality immediately, and Jetpack users will get it with their next update. via Twitter

Please visit the Twitter developer blog for more information on the benefits of the new Twitter design.
 What new Twitter design means for advertisers 

Twitter has already partnered with 21 different brands to test out the new Twitter design including @BestBuy and @AmericanExpress. Don’t forget you’ll need to download the mobile version of new Twitter to access the functionality of the new Twitter.com profile pages.

The new design now allows marketers and advertisers to have a larger header image for a brand logo or other images.

Brands also have the ability to select a particular Tweet to appear at the top of the page’s timeline.  This selected Tweet will enable deeper engagement for brands and help to promote a campaign or piece of content to new followers. This promoted tweet on the brand profile page will default to an expanded version so users will see photos or videos linked from the promoted Tweet. 

To learn more about the new Twitter design benefits to marketers visit, Twitter advertising blog.

What do you think of the new Twitter design? Do you think these new promoted tweets on your profile will increase engagement?