What's Hot in Blogging: February 2011

The first Wednesday of every month, contributor Amy Phillips will recap what made waves in blogging for the previous month.

February 2011 was all about revolution. The Jasmine revolution that we talked about in January’s “What is Hot in Blogging” has spread like a wildfire across the middle east. It cannot be an understatement to say that social media and blogs played a major part in ousting decades long dictator rule in two countries, with more to come. The Egytptian Chronicies posted wonderful text and video with the how the January 25th protests started. A post from Read, Write, Web gave a great visulazation on the influence network in Egypt



But the real work begins after a revolution is over, as the people of Egypt found out this month. This post from Reem Mohammad Al-Ashry demonstrates the outline of complete revolution. I think I speak for everyone when I say we hope they can achieve it.

As the revolution spreads, those bloggers in Egypt are sharing their social media tips and instructions on how to stay safe on Facebook. The best post on Egypt, so far, wasn’t written for Egyptians, but for everyone else watching from afar. The post titled “A Guide: How Not To Say Stupid Stuff About Egypt” strikes to the heart of some of the platitudes uttered in the news, blogs, and twitter.

Currently, Libya is under a state of revolution and blogger’s are again telling the world how hard this fight is. No one can predict where this will end, but this post addresses more of what happens all over the region when protesters take down their banners and go home, ready to live a new life under new leaders.

Closer to home, the fight in Wisconsin over a bill that would essentially break up unions and collective bargaining has bloggers in the area blogging the protests, even when threatened to with police action if they do not leave the Capitol. Instead of allowing a vote on the bill, fourteen of the State Senators have left the state. By doing this, the Senators deprive the Senate of a quorum, and thereby postponing a vote on the controversial bill. The bill is so unpopular that the Governor can’t even have dinner at a restaurant without being asked to leave.

Revolution of the election kind took place in Ireland. Ireland’s finances are in a mess after the global meltdown, with no improvement in sight for many years to come. Irish voters let their displeasure be known at the ballot box. The blog Irish Election covers all that is going on with the current elections.

There was some great stuff on the lighter side too…For world traveler’s, be warned that Lake Windermere in England is inhabited by a prehistoric creature. And a girl in Japan likes to photograph herself levitating.

February was a great month for viral videos. First up, is the child that makes the rest of us parents feel vastly inferior.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcTqTgBaMQM&version=3]

Then another one that makes those of us that are parents have a heart attack;

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukEFBly4UKE&version=3]


The last one circulated with the title “My Birthday is coming up, you know what to do…”


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hwVRzaQNkA&version=3]