What's Hot in Blogging: June 2011

The first week of every month, contributor Amy Phillips will recap what made waves in blogging for the previous month.

June’s most hotpoint blogging issue actually took place in the latter part of the month. The story started with Dooce’s trip to Bangladesh. Anytime you invite a prominent blogger to shine a light on your organization, you will get both the good and the bad. A twitter fight broke out over what was called ‘poverty tourism.’

Schmutzie then put out a great post on why bloggers should stand up to their trolls. Of course whether you stand up to trolls or not is, in the end, up to each individual blogger.

In Vancouver, the talk was over the riots that erupted after the Vancouver team lost in Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. Canadian bloggers were mystified on how this could happen. Many blogs have sprung up to show the ‘true’ side of Vancouver, and it is much different than coverage of the riots.  However, it riots did give us the most popular image of the month;

The couple was interviewed a short time later

And in keeping with the theme of couples, marriage equality was approved in New York State. Marriages are expected to begin this month. 

In China the identity of Guo Meimei caused an outrage. The woman, claiming to be working for the Red Cross, posted pictures of Hermes handbags and an extravagant lifestyle. The Red Cross denied knowing here, but the situation had underscored the tension and distrust of both charitable entities and the noveau riche. 

Elsewhere in the world, the Women’s World Cup is going on, and there is even a blog following the US team’s ups and downs.  While the protests continue in the Middle East, the Syrian blogger thought to be held captive by the government turned out be a hoax.  In Germany, an E Coli outbreak is causing concern about food safety. In Greece, the current austerity measures are creating tensions, which are being documented on Greek blogs

As for viral videos, we have a couple of good ones this month. First up is one of President Obama using a phone from someone in the crowd.  What would a month be without a cat video? Here’s my fave; this month of a cat, who changes his behavior when caught barking. However, this video of parking at Whole Foods was the one I saw the most chatter about. 


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP3gzee1cps&w=425&h=349]

Until next month!