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Where's the Beef?

As a social media consultant I’m frequently met with questions in regards to what constitutes “good content”, especially as it relates to blogs.  I’ve been fortunate to work in a wide array of industries, so narrowing down what I consider good attributes was a bit of challenge. None-the-less, I dusted off the ole thinking cap and compiled what I think makes for good content on good blogs. 

1.Well-written entries 

Obviously this one is crucial. Though I’ve never been diagnosed-nothing proves my suspicion of having ADD like reading a poorly written, sell-you-something, or convince–you-to -come -to-my side, boring blog post. I personally prefer when authors write in an authentic, conversational way. Inform me or advertise to me, but also give me to peak into what your personality or your brands persona is. Another note to this is that I encourage those writers to be consistent with posting. It is challenging enough to gain readership. No need to leave me feeling as if I’m waiting in an endless stretch of time waiting for your next post. Creating an editorial calendar can help design and then stay on track with your post.

2. Links and connections- I think it’s important to link to other websites or blogs that are having similar conversations for a few reasons. 1. I think it helps build a sense of community. 2. It adds to your credibility to because you are demonstrating knowledge on whatever the current events are and what other people in the field are saying. It can also help make your post more well rounded by including what others thoughts or opinions are.

3. Sharing tools- I don’t think I can emphasize this point enough but It’s very important that that bloggers make it easy for readers to be able to share the post on their various social networks. The more difficult it is-the less likely that the reader may share and you could be losing out on valuable opportunities to gain mor


e readership. So spread the word and make sure that it’s easy for others to do as well.

4. Responsiveness to comments and promote dialogue- After all isn’t joining in and continuing the conversation what social media is all about?  Thank folks for stopping by and respond to their thoughts.


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