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Why Aren't You Commenting Here?

Veerle Pieters wrote about De-Lurking Day a few years ago and described it as a special day “celebrating lurkers and exhorting you to muster the strength and bravery to click on that comment button and end the deafening silence.”

Most blogs have a comment feature. That is, you the reader can choose to write a comment. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t; and as the editor of Social Media Club’s blog I’ve observed less and less people commenting in recent months. This is odd to me, as metrics indicate hundreds of people are reading our blog posts every day.

If you’re reading then why aren’t you commenting? Is the subject matter too boring or too irrelevant for you? Maybe you prefer to read and lurk in the shadows. If so, that’s fine. Today is for you.

Marko Saric elaborates how a single comment can generate over 200 unique visitors to a website. That’s massive! In that link, he explains the importance of commenting on blogs that traditionally have a lot of readers and subscribers.

He writes:

“You must comment on the latest post as soon as possible after it is published. If you do that you will expose your comment to thousands of people who are going to read the post… The earlier you are, more exposure you are going to get. Not many people are going to read 50 comments from the same blog post. Aim to be in the top 5.”

Sound advice, Marko.

Your comment must be qualitative. Add something substantial to your comment, such as how the post inspires you or whether you have an anecdote about the takeaway that you want to share. 

Your comment must be representative of your brand. Commenting systems such as LiveFyre (which SMC uses) enable you to sign in with social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter so your friends and followers can see your comment in their news feeds. Your picture will then follow you around our and other LiveFyre-powered blogs.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  1. Scroll below and follow the prompt to add a comment.
  2. Introduce yourself. What keeps you busy during the day? How long have you followed our blog? Do you have any favorite articles or writers from the recent past? What sort of content do you want to read that we’re not writing about? Would you like any content to be written about more? Are you interested in guest blogging?
  3. Ensure your comment is attached to your real name. You will be notified if/when your comment receives a reply or when someone new adds a comment. Be part of the conversation.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who answered the call for bloggers. I’m looking for a few more men and women who want to be a social media influencer. Learn more.