Why Authenticity and Relevancy Win on Twitter

Will your brand, service or product be top of mind the next time someone enters the purchasing or decision making process?

Twitter is a powerful place to represent your brand, product or service—it’s also a place to ruin your brand’s reputation.

Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are two recommended Twitter platforms for tracking hashtags and keywords. Use Twitter’s search function to look up industry-specific keywords and hashtags to target users who may be interested in your product or service. Setting up searches to see what is being said about your competitors will give you a lot of insight, too.

By watching conversations that are relevant to your brand, you can find the perfect opportunity to chime in, but don’t start tweeting just anyone because they’re in a city you’re targeting:

When was the last time a brand reached out to you on Twitter out of the blue and tried to sell you something?

It’s not always a bot.

I have not tweeted about needing a new mattress or beauty sleep— and this interaction with King Koli was neither relevant nor intriguing.

Define Your Brand’s Purpose and Goals on Twitter

Your overall purpose is to sell your product or service — and how you go about that is critical. Are your messages useful, encouraging, or informative?

I applaud Degree Women for this tweet.

There was no sales pitch or recommendation to purchase, which can be fine in some instances.

Degree Women’s bio says “For those who DO, we say DO MORE.”

It’s safe to assume Degree Women’s purpose on Twitter is to empower and encourage women to do more.

Authentic and relevant tweets and conversations are what is going to bring new business and keep your product or service top of mind.

If I’m ever asked for a deodorant recommendation, I’m going to recommend Degree Women because I already use it and because their tweet left a positive, lasting impression.

What brands have made a positive and lasting impression on you? How will your brand be remembered?

Chelsea is a digital marketing strategist at Zuberance. Tweet her at @ChelseaRhane.