Why You Should Attend Social Media University November 10-12

Can you believe October is upon us and with that, comes the last round of discounted tickets available for Social Media University being held in Orlando, Florida on November 10-12th, 2010.

Discounted tickets are available through Friday, October 1st, which means Social Media Club members save $100 and non-members save $95.

Chris Heuer said it best, “Engagement is more then a strategy or tactic, it is a state of mind”, and in keeping with that theme, November 10th will be a dedicated, SMC Leadership Day. Our goal is to provide each chapter leader with the tools and best practices to run their chapters more effectively. This special leadership day is included in the full conference pass. If you can't attend the whole conference, but wish to participate in the one-day pre-conference workshop only, you can buy a one day pass for $75 each. Further more, we hope that this day will encourage chapter leadership to take the conversation around social media in their communities, to the next level.

Day One of Conference

On the first day of the conference, November 11th, John Hagel will be kicking things off in his opening keynote. John’s most recent best selling business book, The Power of Pull, will be presented and he will share some of his most valuable insights from his nearly 30 years’ experience as a management consultant, author, speaker, and entrepreneur.

Throughout the first day, you can expect to hear the meatier conversation brought to you by, KD Paine, Tom Foremski, David Meerman Scott, Nic Adler, Jason Falls and Amber Naslund.

KD Paine will be bringing her insights on metrics that support our industry and sharing with attendees, “Measuring What Matters.”

Tom Foremski is going to share with attendees why, “Every Company is a Media Company.”

David Meerman Scott will take on the afternoon Keynote and discuss “Real Time Marketing & PR.”

If you’re a community builder, organizer or simply want to know how to build a stronger fan base around your brand, the three *BEST* people to learn from are easily, Nic Adler, Jason Falls and Amber Naslund. In separate sessions, they will discuss community building and how to leverage those communities effectively. All three speakers, and really all of our speakers, have hands-on experience growing relationships around their brands and are bringing some incredible knowledge to share with attendees.

Closing Keynote presented by Tara Hunt will highlight the “Power of Sharing.” Dinner to follow will host our First Annual Social Media Awards, where we will award Social Media Brand of the Year, Agency of the Year and Professional of the Year. We look forward to giving major props to the people and brands that truly “get it.”

Second Day, November 12th – 

We will begin the day with a World Cafe discussion on "The Future of the Social Media Industry" and who better to answer those questions than us, social media professionals. Pre-planned sessions will be used for the first half hour, followed by an open space format. Open space format will allow us to truly go into deep dives around the issues we’re faced with everyday and share experiences, collaborate and learn from others in the trenches of social media.

Closing out the day will be, Chris Heuer, who will finish off the conversation cohesively so attendees capture the  main takeaways of the days discussions.

Don’t forget after October 1st, ticket prices jump to our standard prices, which are $495 for members and $595 for non-members.  So purchase your ticket to save $100 through Friday, October 1st! 

To register visit, http://socialmediauniversity.com/ 

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