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Win an Invite to Social Media Club House 4 at Blog World Expo 2010

As Blog World Expo 2010 kicks off tomorrow, October 14th, Social Media Club will be hosting our Social Media Club House 4!

Social Media Club House will be hosting private parties each night, where we will Livestream a nightly recap of the Blog World Expo events,, at midnight pacific time on Thursday & Friday. Each day we select a handful of people to join us at the house for thought provoking conversation, networking and pool time…yes, the Club House has 5 pools and 4 hot tubs.

Many people have asked how they can get an invite to the Social Media Club House so we’ve decided to include our friends over at Lunch, and on Thursday & Friday, we will invite ONE person who has posted a thorough & quality review of the Blog World speakers and activities.

Lunch is a community that allows you to share reviews, tips, and "best-of" with others that share your enthusiasm for a particular niche. The social media community on Lunch has previously reviewed #140 Characters Conference, Web 2.0 Expo and more.

To review Blog World and a chance to win an invite to Social Media Club House visit,
Social Media Events on

What we’re looking for,

1. Give some feedback of pro’s & con’s, best speakers, etc.
2. Tell us your favorite takeaways from the day.
3. Be prepared to cover your review on the Social Media Club Livestream being hosted on Thursday and Friday night.
4. Bring your bathing suit

1. Post a poorly written review, almost a given you will not be selected.
2. Be a party pooper, not welcome at the Club House.

We will select one person each day to attend a late night party, held both Thursday and Friday nights at approximately 11:00pm-til the wee hours.

The winner will be notified via Facebook, since this is attached to your login, by Jessica Murray or Kristie Wells so keep your eyes peeled on your Facebook messages if you’ve submitted a review. We will select the best review by 7pm on Thursday, October 14th & 7pm Friday, October 15th.

This means you have two chances to win an invite!

The Social Media Club House is a private residence and is by invitation only. We will not be publicly disclosing the address, in respect of our neighbors.

So, if you want a chance to be invited to participate in our Livestream on Thursday and Friday night, go review Blog World at!

Thank you to Lenovo, the sponsor of Social Media Club House!  



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