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Your Future May Not Depend on Mitch Joel’s Latest Book, Ctrl Alt Delete. But Then Again, It Might.

If you work in the social media or digital world, you know how fast things are changing. Many of the jobs we work in now didn’t exist until recently – and that trend is only accelerating.

On the opening page of Mitch Joel’s book Ctrl Alt Delete, he says, the next time you’re at a conference, look to the person your left and then the one on your right. Chances are five years from now; one of you won’t be here. Yet, he says, this is a message of hope – because, as fast as the business world is evolving, many of businesses aren’t keeping up. That means, if you keep yourself and your business ahead of the curve, you can achieve great success.

Like Joel’s first book Six Pixels of Separation in its time, his latest book Ctrl Alt Delete. Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends On It. is a well thought out dissertation on the current state of social and digital. In it, Joel dishes out good advice on how to ride this wave of technological and societal change without dashing your company or career on the rocks.

As the full title suggests, the book is divided into two parts. The first section is on how to reboot your business and the second looks at how to reboot your life. The reboot business section looks into “five massive movements that have fundamentally changed everything we know about business.” The ideas in this section will help you whether you are a start up, own a business or just are a part of a larger business that you have a vested interest in making sure it succeeds.

The second part focuses more on your life goals and what you need to do professionally. It looks at how you can take advantage of the five movements described in the business section to move your career forward. This part is broken into seven chapters that take you from living the digital life through the new route careers take and how we work today right up to embracing what’s next. It’s all very good, thought-provoking advice.

One of the things I liked best about this book is that each chapter ends with a list of lessons learned in that chapter. This is one of those books you’re going to want to go back over again from time to time after you read it. The lessons section of the book make it easy to refresh yourself and find the ideas you’re looking for.

As a social and digital marketer who is looking to keep myself and my company ahead of the curve, this is a book I will refer to often. Joel is certainly a thought leader in our industry and his style of writing makes it all very easy to grasp the ideas he’s putting forth and see how they can be used in a very practical sense. I have read a lot of books on the subject matter over the years, but I would put this on the top of the list of “must read” books for anyone in the digital space – which is really all of us, these days.

Mitch Joel is the President of Twist Image, a successful digital marketing firm based out of Montreal, Canada.

He is the best-selling author of Six Pixels of Separation and runs a daily blog and weekly podcast by the same name.