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Benjamin NAIM

Do you remember the time where your Facebook feed was full of brands’ quizzes?
Sorry about that.
Indeed, right after being graduated from both a master’s in engineering and a master’s in international business, I co-founded my first company. PlayApp was one of the first social media agencies in France and in Europe. We ran those quizzes but we were most excited about helping brands connecting to their communities in a new, authentic and innovative way.
After 8 years of growth, PlayApp merged with Insign in 2017 to create one of the first business hacking agencies. Our brand new approach led us from an agency model to a dedicated-client-platform model gathering the right experts to create the most efficient team for each project.
Today I want to help our clients expand and accelerate in the US. We target LA as a meeting point of culture, technology, and innovative spirit. We’ll be glad to help you build your new project thanks to our community-driven and business hacking approach.
Come visit us in our Culver City Office!
And for something less formal, we may very likely meet at one of LA great music venues.

Specialties: Social Media, Digital Strategy, Performance Marketing, Online communities and tribes