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Mohammad Alaa Hussain Al-Hamami

Dr. AL-Hamami is a PhD holder in Computer Science and Information Technology. He is a Specialist in Social Media and Information Systems Security. He is Assistant Professor in Management Information Systems Department, Also he is the Director of Community Engagement Office, Applied Science University, Kingdom of Bahrain. He has around Fourteen years’ experience in Teaching and conducting research in his specialty. Dr. AL-Hamami has occupied the following positions: Board Leaders Member of Social Media Club (SMC) Bahrain Chapter, Member of the Bahrain Internet Society (BIS), Member of IEEE, and Supervisor of many Undergraduate Final Projects and Graduate students (MSc Thesis). He is also participating in many Conferences and Seminars in the field of Information Security, Social Media, E-Government and Information Technology. Dr. AL-Hamami has published around thirty three scientific researches and papers in many International and National Journals and several articles in Scientific Magazines. He is very active in publishing; during this short time of his activity he has published eight books.