BlogHer Recap: “Protecting Your Blogging Rights, Respecting Those of Others”

The second day of BlogHer ’12 found crowds of seasoned and newbie bloggers pouring in to this session, featuring a panel of attorneys discussing everything from copyright to fair use to FTC guidelines. The panel was moderated by award-winning writer and contributing editor Lisen Stromberg, “PrismWork.” The attorneys – all bloggers – included Divya […]


10 Blogs to Add to Your Summer Reading List

Ah, summertime! The hammock beckons. But what to read while soaking up the UVAs?   Here we share 10 blogs (and videos, podcasts and surprises) that are so good, you’ll want to take them on vacation with you. They’re brimming with intelligent discussion and run the gamut from social media to news, culture and inspiration.   We […]

What's Hot in Blogging: January 2012

The first week of every month, we recap what made waves in blogging and online videos for the previous month. January 2012 did not disappoint with some sad and exciting blogs across the globe, sharing the world’s current events. In politics, The United States legislation known as Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP […]


Welcome Newest Additions to Social Media Club Editorial Team

In December of 2010, we launched our first ever Social Media Club Editorial Team.  This was a small milestone for us, as we had never previously had a solid group of contributors to help share knowledge and resources with our SMC community.  Over the last year, we’ve learned what our readers love and where their […]

Is Your Blog For Sale? 10 Questions to Answer before Using Affiliate Programs

Blogging can be grueling. It requires discipline, creativity, consistency, and dedication. Even after you’ve written the content, you still have to format it by adding interesting pictures, links, SEO tags, and more. Then, you have to promote it via social media, advertising, and paid/organic search. Let’s face it – it’s work! Maybe you’ve been writing awhile […]

Thank you to our Social Media Club Editorial Team

One year ago this week, we launched our Social Media Club Editorial Team with more than thirty contributors from across the globe.   Our Editorial Team features daily blogs under Social Media Clubhouse, to help educate the community using their varied skill sets.  Our team is made up of Entrepreneurs, Developers, Small Business Owners, an Attorney, […]

Some Processes Shouldn't Be Automated

I realized we had hit bottom on social media as a force for community when I read this on the web site of a startup: Tribber believes that smaller bloggers have something that superstars can never match. Smaller bloggers give personal attention to their community. In turn, the community gives trust to the blogger. Tribber […]

What's Hot in Blogging: October 2011

The first week of every month, contributor Amy Phillips will recap what made waves in blogging for the previous month. October saw many of us entering fall and cooler temperatures, but blogs have been heating up. Stories on true crime in Italy, financial greed in the US, and the future of the European Union are […]

What's Hot in Blogging: September 2011

  The first week of every month, contributor Amy Phillips will recap what made waves in blogging for the previous month. September is when those of us in the Northern Hemisphere finally got a break from the heat. But the political situation around the world remained red hot.  Once of the most unexpected stories that […]

What's Hot in Blogging: July 2011

The first week of every month, contributor Amy Phillips will recap what made waves in blogging for the previous month. July 2011 will be remembered for two things; the debt ceiling debate in Untied States and the massacre by a Christian extremist in Norway. The temperature climbed all over Northern Hemisphere as summer took hold. […]