How to Prepare for A Tech Conference: Checklist

Are you attending your first tech conference this year? Don’t forget the first rule of survival: Be prepared!   What to bring  A Notebook – Chances are you will be bringing your laptop, cell phone and maybe even an iPad. These devices all run on batteries, wifi and cellular service. Without one or the other you […]

Social Media Club Talks to Steve Garfield

Social Media Club spoke with video blogger and author Steve Garfield and asked him, what’s his favorite part of using social media tools? [youtube] It’s pretty obvious there’s a lot of fun being had at events like BlogWorld & New Media Expo and we’re looking forward to returning to the Javits Convention Center in […]

Social Media Club Interviews Josh Kocurek, SMC St. Louis Leader

Social Media Club hosted a booth at BlogWorld & New Media Expo Los Angeles last month (November 4-5, 2011) and had the opportunity to meet several of our members and chapter leaders from across the globe.  We were fortunate to get a few of our leaders on video to share what the most personally rewarding […]

Social Media Club Interview with Scott Monty of Ford Motor Company

Earlier this month, Social Media Club (SMC) hosted a booth at BlogWorld Expo Los Angeles, where industry thought leaders come together to discuss advancements and trends around new media. We would like to give a hearty ‘thank you’ to Kat Calbes, Jennifer Boyd, Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, Garick Chan, Jen Newell, Daniel Head, Annette Goad, Laura […]