How Many Slacktivists Does It Take To Raise $14 Million?

I’ve been challenged! I’ve been challenged to the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness. This means I have 24 hours to either douse myself with a bucket of ice water or donate $100 to the ALS Association. Watching celebrities and high school friends hop around in discomfort after experiencing the surprise is fun, but how […]


How to Integrate User-Generated Content into a Social Media Strategy

Thanks to social and digital media, customers are broadcasting their experiences with brands more than ever before. Consumers are generating content about their shopping habits and purchasing decisions across the social web. It’s not just a Consumer Report rating or a newspaper critic’s review that now influence customers. It’s the opinion of existing customers that […]

#MySMCStory – Nick Cicero of SMC Jacksonville

Today’s #MySMCStory comes from Nick Cicero, committee member of SMC Jacksonville, Florida. We recently interviewed Nick at Social Media Clubhouse 9 hosted in the IBM Future of Social Lounge at SxSW. Nick shares a little about his road trip to Austin via the Chevrolet competition which is raising money for Adopt-A-Classroom and how participating in […]