Launching #mysmcstory to capture professional and personal impacts of Social Media Club

This week Social Media Club launched our first ever fundraiser which will help expand SMC’s efforts to meet our global missions of sharing best practices and promoting digital media literacy across our more than 325+ chapters in 52 countries. Our 2012 goals include, hiring our first Executive Director, along with strengthening our editorial content, focusing on […]

Updated Chapter Guidelines & Stricter Requirements on New Chapters

As we shared recently in the annual census, our Social Media Club (SMC) community has expanded from nearly 200 chapters in 2010 to more than 300 chapters in 2011, and the applications to start new chapters continue to stream in.  As we survey our community, we have found too many chapters launch with little to no […]

Social Media Club San Gabriel Valley: The focus is on business education

One complaint often heard about Los Angeles—the nation’s largest city, geographically, with 469 square miles just within the city limits—is that “there’s no there there.”  This conundrum has plagued city planners as they attempt to herd people onto public transit, and it also challenges the organizers of Social Media Club chapters. Sally Falkow can tell […]

Social Media Club 2011 Census Results

Last year, Social Media Club shared the results of our first community census, and today, we’re excited to share our 2011 Social Media Club Census.  In the last year, Social Media Club has expanded, not only in numbers of chapters and members, but in our missions of promoting digital media literacy through several of our […]

What New Facebook Group Changes Mean to Chapter Leaders

Last week Facebook introduced some changes to their Facebook Group pages, which I imagine is part of the recent effort to refresh all member profiles and fan pages.  Many of our Social Media Club chapters have active groups that they’re fearful will be lost with these new settings, here is a run down of what […]

SMC New Hampshire: A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

If you are struggling with your Social Media Club chapter after some early success, take heart: False starts are a recurring theme as I talk to clubs around the globe. Social Media Club New Hampshire is one of the latest Phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes stories. The chapter was reinvigorated in November 2010 after a lull of about four […]


Planning Pays off Big in Evansville

Population-wise, Evansville, Ind., is not a big area—130,000 within the city limits and some 350,000 in the whole metropolitan region.  So on a per-capita basis, what Social Media Club Evansville has achieved is truly amazing. Some social media clubs get going when a couple of local social media enthusiasts decide to throw the spaghetti against […]

Social Media Club Member Meeting: Saturday, March 12th

If you plan to be in Austin for the SxSW Interactive conference coming up next month, please plan to join us on Saturday, March 12th from 11:30am – 1:30pm for the inaugural Social Media Club Global Members Meeting. During this meeting, we will be discussing Social Media Club initiatives, updates to the Chapter Bylaws, Chapter Agreements, and […]

Mark Your Calendars: Important All-Social Media Club chapter leader call May 17

Social Media Club chapters around the world have been making great strides in advancing social media literacy, ethics, and engagement in your local communities, and now we've got some exciting plans that will help you elevate these programs to the next level. We will be holding a conference call for local SMC chapter leaders May […]