#MySMCstory – Jessica Murray, Community Manager of Social Media Club

This is a post as part of our #MySMCStory campaign to capture personal and professional benefits received from participating in Social Media Club events across the globe. Learn how others members are benefiting from Social Media Club activities by following #mysmcstory hashtag on Twitter or following our Clubhouse blog for members stories like Jessica’s over the coming […]

From Online to Offline: Exceeding Expectations on Social Media

This guest blog is by Kevin Saghy as part of our themed content hosted the first week of each month, with November focusing on professional sports organizations. Kevin is the public relations and marketing specialist for the Chicago Cubs.  You can connect with Kevin on Twitter: @CredibleKev or @CubsInsider.  As social media becomes a common offering from big brands, consumers’ expectations have begun to change. […]

Chicago’s Startup Scene is Bringing Social to a Whole New Level

The funny thing when we talk about social media is that we often don’t take a step back to realize that the majority of our communication (aside from videos, images, etc.) is text on a screen of some sort. Well, that’s not very social now is it? As I’ve mentioned before, we’re almost missing a […]

Artistic Collaboration: Social Media and Sustainability Support Community Theatre

We social media types can make anything better. The power of messaging to the entire world can make things happen. Or in this case, just to your own neighborhood. The real power in social media isn’t what it does in cyberspace, but in meat space as it were. When that energy from all those bits and bytes pours into […]

Zaarly and Filament: Sustaining the Arts

I love it when a plan comes together. I’d chomp on a cigar right now if I wasn’t such a hippie anti-smoker. I’ve had the privilege of being at the heart of an incredible partnership over the past couple of weeks. That this has all come together in such an amazingly short time is truly a testament to […]

pARTicipation from TEDxMichiganAve

I had the honor of hosting and curating TEDxMichiganAve earlier this month, an independently organized TED event focused on the future of the arts industry with thirteen speakers from around the country dealing on everything from technology in the arts to arts education to sustainability practices within the industry. I was deeply touched by the applications […]