Managing a Community: All in a Day’s Work

I used to think journalists were the supreme jacks of all trades. But then I did some research on community managers, and I think they might actually take the cake. That’s because a community manager is part brand ambassador, communicator and public face, internal connector, content writer, social media guru, and educator. Not all parts […]

Brand Pages on Twitter: Hot or Not?

It’s just a couple months in and the jury’s still out on whether Twitter’s brand pages are worth the time and tweets.  In December, Twitter launched a small grouping of brand pages. Twenty-one brands were selected because they already were distributing commercial content via the microblog platform. (Incidentally, here’s what the new Twitter design means […]


Pew Research Says 17% of Adults Use Restaurant Review Sites

I’ve covered tourism and restaurants for a long time. My approach to finding new venues to explore – and in this case, new restaurants to eat – has always been simple.  I like to ask the locals.  It goes something like this, “Hi, I’m not from around here. Can you recommend a good place to […]

Brands who 'get' Google+

When Google+ recently opened its doors to brands, companies scrambled to put up their pages.  SocialTimes has reported that around 61 percent of the top brands have created Google+ pages. Unfortunately, even behemoth companies are reporting mixed reviews, boasting only meager followings. A BrightEdge study of the world’s top 100 brands that recently was reported […]

What Defines a Social Media Professional?

With social media being an integral part of our jobs, we pretty much know what it takes to be a professional. At the very least, it requires a fairly high level of engagement on a variety of social media channels. (This goes beyond a lot of RTs, as one wise editor pointed out.) I took […]

How Social Media is Influencing Mothers

It used to be that if you needed instructions for something, you might grab a copy of the Dummies Guide to (insert issue here). Today, folks turn to social media. And moms in particular are becoming social media savvy. “Social media is crucial for moms these days,” says Kelby Carr, founder and CEO of Type-A-Parent. […]

American Red Cross Fire Awareness Campaign Hits Social

Imagine watching your most precious photos burn before your eyes. For home fire victims – some 70,000 families annually – that is exactly the kind of heartbreak they experience. The American Red Cross recently began a new social media campaign to promote fire awareness, and it’s based almost entirely through Facebook and Twitter. When you […]


Facebook Changes: Progress Comes with Price

It seems almost daily that Facebook changes something about Facebook.  In case you’re not among its more than 500 million active users, here’s a recap of some recent changes:   New profile pages Improved and continuously improving search Privacy policy upgrade Facebook comments boxes on sites and blogs across the web Better mobile experience New […]


ISO: Social media to build relationships

(We’re looking at online dating and the massive – and increasingly social – industry that it’s become. Second in a three-part series. Check out last week’s post HERE.) While researching online dating and social media, I tested these love waters with my Facebook status. I was looking for a success story. Talk about a can […]