Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (4/19/12)

APRIL BOOK CLUB WEBINAR: OPTIMIZE         This month we introduced one of the industry’s newest titles, Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing by Lee Odden, who serves as CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, recognized as a leading business blog by Advertising Age and Junta42. Come […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (4/12/12)

  SOCIAL MEDIA CLUB CHAPTERS EMBODY “IF YOU GET IT, SHARE IT”    Social Media Club was founded to share best practices across the industry by building community and providing a collaborative environment to teach and learn.  Over the last few years many of our chapters have gone above and beyond by providing workshops or […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (01/3/12)

FEBRUARY BOOK CLUB: THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST      We’re proud to feature great titles in 2012 with monthly reviews and complimentary webinars hosting some of the social media industry’s most innovative authors. We received a lot of great feedback last year and want to thank you for supporting the Book Club, our publishing partners […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (1/19/12)

SOCIALMEDIACLUB.ORG GOES ‘DARK’ TO PROTEST SOPA & PIPA BILLS On Wednesday, January 18th, along with dozens of other sites including Reddit, Wikipedia and Craigslist, ‘went dark’ in protest of some legislation that seeks to strangle our beloved Internet.  These bills known as Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) were created with […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (12/8/11)

FASHION ICON IS AN APPLE FANBOY  Social Media Club founders Kristie Wells and Chris Heuer are in Paris covering all things tech at the Le Web conference from December 7-9th. This global conference combines industry thought leaders from the social, mobile and technology spaces … and even fashion! Yes, the fashion world has gone high tech.  Yesterday, Karl Lagerfeld, a household name in the […]


Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (10/14/11)

  SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERS HEADS KANSAS CITY The last stop in our Social Media Masters 2011 tour is Kansas City, taking place next Friday (October 21st).   As we wind down this five city tour, we want to thank the chapter leaders in and around Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto and Kansas City […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (10/5/11)

  SOCIAL MEDIA BOOK CLUB INTRODUCES OCTOBER SELECTION For those who have been following our monthly Social Media Book Club, we’ve explored some great titles in recent  months, with a focus on content development, how-to’s and social media best practices.  We’re excited to introduce our October Book Club selection, Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing by Neal Schaffer.  This […]

Social Media Club Newsletter (9/1/11)

  SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERS LOS ANGELES Social Media Measurement and Analytics seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days, and we are offering several ways to deepen your knowledge this month. Measurement and Analytics is being covered in each of the Social Media Masters events and our Book Club Feature will be taking a […]

Social Media Clubhouse News (May 2011)

SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERS KICKS OFF IN MINNEAPOLIS   Social Media Masters is launching an 11 city tour, beginning in Minneapolis, MN (USA) on June 8, 2011. We’re offering one (half day) or two (full day) workshop(s) lead by our Social Media Masters, Angie Schottmuller, Rich Mahn, Barbara Rozgonyi and Jeff Achen.   Each Master will help […]