Upcoming 2011 Social Media Conferences & Events (September 2011)

 Featured Events  Produced by Social Media Club, the world’s leading association of social media professionals and Sensei Marketing, a firm specializing in customer acquisition and social engagement for the enterprise, Social Media Masters is a premium event for leading brands and social media strategists. Unlike traditional events that attempt to satisfy the needs of all levels of practitioners, the […]

Upcoming 2011 Social Media Conferences & Events (July 2011)

   Featured Events With the amount of time we have invested in growing the social media profession, we are extremely fortunate to have relationships with leading thinkers, practitioners and visionaries who will be participating and sharing their insights with the Social Media Masters conference goers across the country. Our standards are extremely high when it […]

Upcoming 2011 Social Media Conferences & Events (March 2011)

 Featured Events  April 1-3, 2011 – Social Learning Summit 2011 (Washington D.C. USA)  This weekend conference, April 1-3, 2011, aims to bring together students, educators,and professionals to learn from each other and with each other about what’s next in education. Topics will cover a wide range of issues at the intersection of education, innovation, and social media, including what’s happening in classrooms now, what’s […]

What a Wonderful World to Learn, Share and Connect

  As we move forward into 2011, think of the number of opportunities being a member of the Social Media Club affords you.   Most people join a community   to feel a sense of belonging,  to be a part of something bigger than ourselves  to connect with like minded people  to gain knowledge   to learn new skills  to attend exciting events virtually, and or locally […]

Upcoming Conferences & Discounts for Social Media Club Members

Check out a few of the Conferences & Events we feel are worth penciling in hosted by our Social Media Club partners, some may be extending our Social Media Club members discounts, FTW!  November 4-7, 2010 – Geekend 2010, Savannah, GA (USA). November 15-18, 2010 – Strategic Internal Communications Conference, Washington D.C. (USA). Discount code: […]