SMC-One Year

My First Year as a Facebook Group Admin

It has been one year this month since I created a Facebook group for my daughter’s grade school. I wanted a place where parents could look for information on what was happening at the school and be able to discuss anything that concerned our kids, even if it didn’t necessarily pertain to what happened at […]


When Social Media Joins the University Classroom

Social Media + University Classroom =  Perfect Combination This semester, Brigham Young University’s Department of Communications decided to, for the first time, offer a social media marketing class. Everyone pulled out their laptops and learned how to tweet. For those of us who were more familiar with Twitter, we helped our classmates follow others, taught […]

Upcoming Social Media Conferences & Events (September 2012)

Here are some events we encourage you to attend, all of which offer great content and valuable industry discussions, and some even extending SMC member discounts! September 25-26th (San Francisco): Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI) is excited to announce Social Media Strategies Conference – San Francisco. Whether your organization is just starting out or in […]


Learn How These Top Colleges Are Integrating Social Media

My eighteen year old sister types papers on an iPad, has a Tumblr blog, Tweets everyday, and knows the latest music and fashion via Pinterest and blogs before most. A newbie freshman about to enter a college in Boston – she expects her college to keep up and be ahead of the curve when it […]


Meet the One Person Who Can Ruin Your Brand Tomorrow

A model, tweeting the failed attempts of a married man to pick her up on a cross-country flight. A student with a smartphone who captured a video of bullies viciously taunting a bus monitor. A blogging 9-year-old, chronicling the underwhelming food served in her elementary school cafeteria. What do these three individuals have to do […]


Digital Learning Day – Feb. 1 – Promotes Learning and Classroom Innovation through Technology

More than 680,000 students and 33 states will be participating in events organized around national Digital Learning Day on Wednesday, February 1.   The Digital Learning Day initiative was created to demonstrate how technology can be used to deliver high-quality instruction in grades K – 12, share examples of innovative education programs using technology, and provide […]

Your Company’s Social Media: A Job for the Intern?

You’ve probably heard this before: “Couldn’t we just get some interns to do that?” When it comes to a company’s social media, experts say it takes planning, authority, and company knowledge. Interns definitely can help with it, but too much control over branding could be a bad thing. At Billboard Magazine, interns work on many […]

Connecting to the arts

This month, researcher Devon V. Smith released a report for the Theatre Bay Area on how 207 arts organizations around the world are using social media. It has a tremendous amount of information, some intuitive and some suggestive. I highly recommend a full read for anyone invested in helping arts organizations with their growth in this […]

Creating the Social Web Guide: Think and Act Glocal för Digital Participation

In a time when the limits and boundaries in between us vaporize in a constant conversation and connectivety carried and enabled by the social web, and geographic dependency for “being in the flow” is equal to have “access to the cloud”, wherever may be, maybe it’s time to challenge the old presumption of “Think Global, […]

Social Media Clubhouse 6

For those who submitted panels to ‘that big event in Austin next month’ but your session was not selected, submit your idea to Social Media Clubhouse 6!  Social Media Clubhouse 6 will be hosted within easy walking distance of all the downtown Austin hot spots and we’ll be hosting a livestream Friday, March 11th through […]