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How To Build Your Social Media Strategy With Content Marketing In Mind

Content converts. Content that’s unique, useful, and engaging that is. And isn’t that what you want your social media strategy to do? You want it to convert more awareness about and engagement with your brand. You want it to convert more traffic to your website. You want it to convert mere brand follows into trusting […]


That’s the story of a hashtag that became very popular over only a few hours. Not the most popular hashtag on Twitter ever like a French newspaper stated and then corrected but still, a real symbol. Yes, I’m French and I do live in Paris. Hence I take my chance on writing on this event, […]

Twitter Egg Head

Top 15 Reasons Why No One Follows You on Twitter

Many people join Twitter but become inactive soon after because they fail to connect with the audience. Here are the top 15 reasons explaining why someone decides to unfollow you on Twitter. Twitter Egg Avatar: It is the default Twitter profile picture or avatar that you should change immediately after creating your account. A genuine photo of […]

5 Reasons Supporting Social Media Engagement

Earlier this year I shared on this blog why I stopped saying the word engagement. Overall, the piece was received positively by Social Media Club members but there was a small handful that came to engagements defense, including IBM’s Social Media Strategist David Pittman.  I had the opportunity to chat with Pittman in more detail […]

Forget About Social Media Marketing

At a social media seminar that I took earlier this year, the speaker started off by saying that there is no place for social media marketing.  That certainly got our attention.  Very quickly, I realized what he was really trying to teach us. Consumers are becoming far more savvy than they have ever been in […]

Social Media as Suggestion Box

I started thinking about the subject of this article after reading an article in the recent issue of Incentive Magazine. In the article, the author recommends that companies use social media as a means to increase employee performance. While I do not agree with everything that the author suggests, he got me to thinking. Social […]

Employees: Your Powerful Marketing Force

Chelsea Hickey is a marketing manager at Zuberance. Tweet her at @chelsearhane. Employee advocates are uniquely qualified to serve as brand advocates because they are highly credible trusted sources for information about companies and their products and services. An advocate is typically, but not always, a customer who is willing to recommend your product or […]


How Do You Create & Measure Successful Brand Engagement on Facebook?

Social media hangs its hat on getting customer or fan engagement. Facebook is the preferred platform for building communities around brand engagement. So, would you be happy coming to your client or boss with a whopping 0.5% engagement number?  That’s what the latest study shows the top 200 brands on Facebook have as their average […]


It’s Not About Numbers, It’s All About Engagement

Content leads to engagement leads to success in social media, not numbers.  Small businesses are a great of example of how you can build customers without thousands and thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook ‘likes’.  Here are a couple of examples of small businesses doing it right.  El Gastronomo Vagabundo   El Gastronomo Vagabundo (@elgastronomo) food […]