5th Anniversary Interview with Tom Abate

Our friend Tom Abate was among the attendees at our first ever Social Media Club meeting in San Francisco on August 16, 2006.  Tom joined us in San Francisco last week for our 5th anniversary dinner and was joined by others from the first meeting including, Chris Heuer, Kristie Wells, Seth Mazow, Sally Falkow, Tom […]

You Can Find Anyone on Social Media, But Can you Get Their Attention?

Social media has not made it easier for either brands or businesses to get attention. It’s like going to SXSW and missing the two people you really needed to connect with while seeing hordes of other attendees. It may seem as if things have gotten more transparent, they haven’t. And that’s because along with all […]

Social Media Club 2011 Census Results

Last year, Social Media Club shared the results of our first community census, and today, we’re excited to share our 2011 Social Media Club Census.  In the last year, Social Media Club has expanded, not only in numbers of chapters and members, but in our missions of promoting digital media literacy through several of our […]

How Big is Social Media Club? 100,000+ and growing.

Social Media Club global is finally breaking the silence of the last few weeks to begin our re-launch in earnest. We begin today by sharing just how large Social Media Club has grown with the results of our recently completed census. This marks the first step forward in re-casting ourselves from a simple grassroots effort of loosely coupled […]