Leveraging The Social Media Club to Make 2012 a Year to Remember

Welcome to a brand new year where opportunities to bring in new clients, learn new skills and meet interesting people are available to each and every one of us.  Every year is an opportunity for a new beginning and an opportunity to think creatively starting with what we have, a foundation if you will, from […]

Our 2011 Milestones and a Look Ahead

As we’re closing the books on 2011, we wanted to share with you a few of our 2011 milestones and what we’re most looking forward to in 2012.        2011 Milestones Celebrated our 5th Anniversary at our first chapter in San Francisco with a few of our very first supporters including, Sally Falkow, Tom Foremski, […]


Peace on Earth …. Begins with YOU

This is the time of the season I get to do my imitation of Martha Stewart albeit, on an budget.  The Christmas lights go up, usually after a quick visit to our hardware store, the Christmas cards get written, the recipe books come out, and oh yes, there are plenty of hints for presents.   My […]

Happy Holidays from Social Media Club Global

More than twenty Social Media Club chapters from across the globe gathered together to wish you and yours a very safe and happy holiday season.  Thank you to San Diego, Buffalo, Phoenix, Lima, St. Louis, Madison, Cordoba, Hawaii, San Antonio, Breda, Chattanooga, Chicago, Almaty, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Pune, Evansville, Bahrain, Mumbai, Nashville and Long Island […]