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Maximize Your Branding with Hashtags on Twitter

No message posted on social media, comes without the use of #hashtag along with it these days. It is not a huge surprise; Hashtags must be amongst the most overused devices on social media. It has become the fashion to add hashtags to anything and everything you share on social networks. In fact, this occurs […]

What New Twitter Design Means for Developers and Marketers

Last week Twitter introduced a new design which is available now on mobile devices and slated to be relased over the coming weeks on the Twitter.com. This simplified design makes it easier than ever to follow conversations, connect with others and helps users explore new topics.  The four new tabs. “Home” “Connect” “Discover” “Me” bring […]

Google and American Express OPEN want your Stories … in Videos

Matthew Bavosa suggests in his blog post 101 Online Video Stats to Make Your Eyes Glaze Over “that the demand and opportunity for online video is staggering.”  With the increase of mobile devices such smart phones, iphones, ipads and tablets, videos have now entered into main stream viewing and everyone can get into the act.  Here […]