Old School (Literally) Meets New School – Universities Go Social

Today’s guest post is from Kaity Nakagoshi. You can connect with Kaity on Twitter, @Kaity_FL. An increasing number of colleges and universities are discovering that social media is not just an effective marketing tool to attract new prospects; it’s also a platform that enhances learning by allowing students and teachers to interact and connect outside of […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (12/8/11)

FASHION ICON IS AN APPLE FANBOY  Social Media Club founders Kristie Wells and Chris Heuer are in Paris covering all things tech at the Le Web conference from December 7-9th. This global conference combines industry thought leaders from the social, mobile and technology spaces … and even fashion! Yes, the fashion world has gone high tech.  Yesterday, Karl Lagerfeld, a household name in the […]

The SMCEDU Podcast: Pilot

We’re trying out a new format for discussion: podcasts. Personally, I love podcasts because I have a long commute and I like to run. I find it’s a great way to take in information and entertainment while I’m busy doing something else (sitting in traffic, hamster-wheeling it on a treadmill, running errands, etc). Last week, […]