So You Want to be a Social Business

Over the past five years, sweeping changes have rocked both small business and multinational corporations on their heels. For most businesses everything has changed. If I’m not mistaken, Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco, was the first to point out that the need to attract and retain young employees who live online was forcing changes to the […]


Social Media March Book Club Webinar Recap: Get Bold

Earlier this month we introduced our March Book Club title, Get Bold: Using Social Media to Create a New Type of Social Business, by Sandy Carter. Thanks to our book club partner Pearson Publishing, we were able to send copies to several of our chapter leaders and Professional members to review on our behalf. Thank you to our reviewers Chris […]

Social Media February Book Club: The Social Media Strategist

We are excited to introduce our Social Media Club February  Book of the Month, The Social Media Strategist by Christopher Barger. Christopher Barger, the award-winning former social media director at General Motors and IBM’s former ‘blogger-in-chief,’ describes all the challenges particular to getting a comprehensive social media program off the ground in a large firm. The […]

Liz Albert (Ascendant) Shares Social Business Insights with Chris Heuer

Social Media Club had the pleasure of attending Le Web 2011 back in December, where our Founder and Chairman, Chris Heuer interviewed Liz Albert, Director of Marketing of Ascendant to discuss one of the hottest topics at Le Web, Social Business.  Liz explains her company’s unique approach to helping their client’s figure out what path they should take […]

Sandy Carter (IBM) on What it Takes to Become a Social Business

In this 17 minute conversation, Chris Heuer dives deep into what is required to become a Social Business with Sandy Carter, IBM’s Vice President, Social Business and Collaboration Solutions Sales and Evangelism and author of “Get Bold”. Join them as they discuss the pre-requisites of getting social, the power of trust and several examples that […]

Social Media and the Organization – An Interview with Kathy Mandelstein

As Social Media matures, its impact on the organization expands to new functions.  This makes the management of the technology, content, platforms and increasingly challenging.  This is made even more complex by the fact that “the organization” is full of real human beings who are also social media users.  Our expectations are rising for our own digital interactions and also […]

Case Study: How IBM Does Social Business

There has been a lot of advanced conversation around the topic of ‘Social Business’ and it is gaining momentum because more large organizations are striving to put social at the core of their business.  On Friday, September 23rd, Kat Mandelstein, who leads global marketing at IBM shared an excellent case study with Social Media Masters NYC […]

#BizForum Chat Hosts Social Media Master Kat Mandelstein

Social Media Master Kat Mandelstein will be joining #BizForum Chat on Wednesday, September 14th, 8pm to 9pm EDT to discuss, Whether or Not Social Business Inevitable?  Social Media Club, in conjunction with Sensei Marketing, is providing you the opportunity to engage with some of our Social Media Masters in advance of our five city tour which includes Atlanta (August 26th), Los Angeles (September […]