Changing Behaviors to Change Belief

Today is my one-year running anniversary. If you had told me 18 months ago that in a year I would complete not one, but two half-marathons, a 10K, a three-mile race, and logged hundreds of miles, I would have laughed in your face and called you silly. My year of running has transformed how I […]

Why you need to hire a professional designer

If you’ve looked to hire a social media expert you’ve probably encountered many “experts” who will offer to set up a Twitter and Facebook pages and push content for you without much thought in regards to serving your market. Barriers to entry for the web are low and so people are tempted to fall into […]

Who is your tribe? Another take on relationship/tribal marketing

Two nights ago my husband took a nasty fall and split his head open (four inches across) all the way down to his skull. Some almost 40 stitches, 20ish tweets and several hours spent at ER, we made it home. What does this have to do with relationship marketing? I sent one tweet:  I immediately […]


Using Social Media to Create Raving Fans

Nobody likes you! Wanna know why?  What would make you wear a company’s name on a t-shirt? What about a hat? Not a big deal, right? People don’t think twice about the message they are branding for a company.  When I stopped at a stoplight recently, I was surprised to see a Ford decal on […]