The Social Graph and How It’s Influencing Brand Decisions

Pulling information off of social media is giving marketers and brands new information to better connect with their customers and improve their products. Using the social graph, we can see who’s connected to whom and how these relationships spread information. Now, many are turning from the social graph to a taste graph. In fact, Facebook’s […]


Finding the ‘Perfect App’ for your Mobile Device

With the number of smartphones, androids, tablets and ipads being sold, it’s difficult to calculate an accurate number of Apps on the market, but you can bet that the number of Apps will increase with every mobile device purchased.    Statistics show The number of mobile devices will exceed the World’s population by 2012.  It […]

In this Adapt or Die Digital World, Where Are You Headed?

A big tech meteor has crashed into the economic landscape and changed the business climate forever. Now is the time to decide if your business is going to go the way of the dinosaurs or evolve to survive in the new world order.   Sound a little melodramatic? Perhaps. But if you work in any business, […]


How to Use QR Codes the Right Way

Are QR codes just a fad that marketers care more about than consumers? Or are they an essential tool that gives meaningful benefits to the people who use them? The answer, of course, is in what you do with them. I’ve used them effectively for clients. I’ve also seen outdoor ads on the highway with […]

4 Tips For Creating a Better Consumer Generated Video contest

You don’t have to be a giant brand like Doritos to get some buzz bang out of videos created by your customers. You don’t have to have a prize worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, either. Sure, those things help, but even smaller regional brands can generate some added interest and engagement though video contests. […]

Is Social Media Killing the Placement Ad? And Should It?

With so many companies using the social web these days, do they need to place ads to find new employees or can they just tap into their social networks? Sure, there will always be those specialized or high-level searches that require a recruiter. But, for the kind of openings you’d place an ad for five years […]

8 Ways Social Media Pros Use Tablets Every Day

If you’re like me, you probably think that the whole social media world has an iPad or some other tablet device to make their lives wonderful – everyone but you, that is. You might even fantasize about how many ways a tablet could make your life easier. Or maybe you have a tablet already and […]